Review of Nakamichi NMKT120-LGD earphones


The talk about audio quality is subjective and is more of the measure of a personal experience. While audiophiles go for the best audio hardware that is out in the market, the mainstream users are usually satisfied if a certain set of earphones is able to meet their requirements for a fraction of what others are paying. In this review, I am going to give my personal opinions on the new sub $50 NMKT120-LGD earphones and help you make a better decision on your next earphone purchase.

Nakamichi should not be a brand that is foreign to many. They have been out in the market for decades and have been known for providing buyers with a huge variety of choice of audio products at affordable prices. There are 3 models available in the NMKT series, namely the KT100, KT110 and KT120 which we are reviewing today. They should not differ much in terms of hardware, but rather more on its own design.


The NMKT120-LGD that we are reviewing today sets itself aside from the two other models from the same family. The audio drivers in the earphones are carefully placed in a stylish full metallic housing, differentiating itself from many other earphones out in the market. To make sure that the whole design is uniform, the audio wires are also in a "metallic style" material.

The NMKT120-LGD's built in microphone capabilities is also compatible with Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices. The physical button on the microphone unit also makes it extremely straightforward to pick up incoming calls. Nakamichi probably understood that most mainstream users listen to songs from their smartphones anyway and targeted the NMKT series specifically for this market.

The package also includes a carrying pouch and earbuds that comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Be sure to choose the right size of the earbuds to enjoy the full potential of this earphone's noise cancelling capabilities. Of course, using the correct size of earbuds also increases the comfort of usage. 

Audio Perspective

After testing out the Nakamichi NMKT120-LGD with different genre of songs, we realised that Nakamichi has put much focus on reproducing bass on the earphones. As compared to our higher end Creative Aurvana in-ear 3 earphones, we can hear the difference in the lows. Sounds at the other frequencies remained well integrated throughout and was well balanced. However, it seems that when the sounds reaches a much lower frequency, the clarity is reduced and appears to be muffled. Moreover, it would have been better if Nakamichi could reduce the the profile of the higher frequency sounds. The highs went too further up sometimes and resulted in some noticeable crackle. Such symptoms can be easily solved with the use of software. Regardless, we really enjoyed our music experience on the NMKT120-LGD.

Do also take note that as audio perspective differs between listeners, we would recommend you to try the unit out and feel for yourself the sounds that this earphones are producing. You could have a totally different opinion.


We thought that the Nakamichi NMKT120-LGD could be a decent earphones to purchase if you are looking for something that is under $50. While we had kept our expectations for a sub $50 earphones low, we were pleasantly surprised by type of audio quality that we are getting out from this unit and literally smiled when those music produced from the NMKT120-LGD came into our ears.

We believe that with the focus on bass and well balanced distinction throughout the lows to highs, the NMKT120-LGD would give mainstream audio listeners a pleasant audio experience. Moreover, the built in microphone also adds great value and practical sense to this set of earphones. The Nakamichi  NMKT120-LGD is certainly one of our answers to affordable and high quality audio gear. 

Pricing and Availability

The new Nakamichi NMKT earphones retails for SRP $49.00 inclusive GST and comes in 3 colours – Grey, Grey/Gold, and Light Gold. All earphones are available at all Sprint-Cass, Big Box and Challenger stores.

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