Review of Sony SBH54 Bluetooth Headset


Sony is famous for manufacturing and designing many lifestyle audio products. They have been doing it for many years, and as technology advances, they also found a need to move along. With the increasing adoption rate of smartphones, there has been a significant drop in the demand of single-featured portable flash memory entertainment media devices like MP3 players etc. To meet the lifestyle needs of smartphone users, Sony has iterated and improved their design methodology to come out with their latest portable bluetooth headset devices. Today, we are going to look into the newest Sony SBH54 Bluetooth Headset and find out how it differs from its predecessors.


As compared to the previous flagship SBH52 bluetooth headset, the SBH54 has gotten quite a facelift in terms of its external appearances. Sony has decided to change the material used in the enclosure of the SBH54 headset, probably after getting feedbacks from end-users that the previous material was a serious fingerprint magnet. The new material gives the whole device a sturdy but yet classy look. It is definitely considered as a major improvement in terms of aesthetic design.

Be blown away with the display that is built within the SBH54 bluetooth headset. For first time users, they may not even know that there is a display! The new material used in the device has allowed the display to be concealed almost perfectly when it is not showing anything. This also means that when the display is on, the LEDs that show information seems to really "on" the device itself! This new method of fusing material design and display technology brings the SBH54 to a whole new level of design and technology.

However, we were shocked by the number of buttons that was found on the device. There were in fact 8 physical buttons which each served one of more function. The similarities in the buttons also led to possible confusion in the operation of the device. It would be much appreciated with Sony could cut down in the number of buttons on the SBH54 bluetooth device and adopt a more navigational/natural interaction and experience design. This will definitely lead to a much better usability of user friendliness of the device.


Note: Not all languages are supported

Similar to SBH52, notifications from the smartphone to be sent directly to the display of SBH54, bringing much convenience to what is happening to your phone. It is also straightforward to use, as the display can show a caller's information when you receive a call, and you can decide to whether answer or reject the call. These can all be done without your smartphone leaving your pocket or bag. The added convenience was much appreciated when travelling on public transportation in the city.

The SBH54 has also got built in FM radio functions and can receive all the radio stations that were broadcasted. There weren't any receptivity issues that were encountered, as SBH54 has got a built in digital tuner which can pinpoint the exact radio frequency to receive the radio channels.

Nonetheless, SBH54's strengths should be its bluetooth audio playback capabilities. With the playback buttons that are available on the bluetooth device, users can easily control their music remotely. The earphones that comes within the SBH54's package is also very decent, with clear mids and certain bass. It's most definitely above average, and I enjoyed my every second I had with this set of earphones. Moreover, the earphones for SBH54 are also considerably short. They will dangle around your head perfectly, without much excess wire. I truly enjoyed such a comfortable handsfree experience on the SBH54.

The fact that SBH54 can be used as a discreet handset device makes it stand out from any other bluetooth headset out in the market. It is understood that sometimes, it may be much easier and comfortable to take into a phone directly, instead of using the earphones. Sony has built a small speaker and microphone on the SBH54, so as to allow it to be used as an auxiliary discreet handset! Simply pick up the handset, and put it up on your ear to make that call!


The Sony SBH54 Bluetooth Headset brings new features and functionalities that were unheard of in all other bluetooth headsets out in the market. It certainly stands out from any competing products with its unique design and added convenience, which was clearly seen in every single aspect of its design and feature. The earphone that comes with the SBH54 was also above average and could give any mainstream audio listeners a good audio experience. In conclusion, the new SBH54 is a product definitely worth looking into, if you are considering a purchase of a new bluetooth headset. Skip the previous generation SBH52, has improved significantly. Moving ahead, I wonder what new features could Sony possibly include in their next generation bluetooth headset?

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