Salesforce awarded as the #1 place to work for in Singapore

Salesforce awarded as the #1 place to work for in Singapore
The Great Place to Work committee awards Salesforce for its open and inclusive workplace environment and focus on customer success, innovation and giving back to the community

Say "Aloha" to the Best Company to Work for - Salesforce! #SalesforceOhana

SINGAPORE— November 6, 2015—Salesforce Singapore today earned top accolades in the first-ever “Singapore Best Companies to Work for Awards”. At the “Singapore Best Companies to Work for Awards” ceremony on Friday evening, November 6, Simon Tate, Area Vice President, Salesforce said: “At Salesforce, our core values are about customer success, innovation, giving back and having fun. This award is a testament to the work we do in Singapore every day to live and breathe these values. We are proud to be the (#1) Best Companies to Work For in Singapore and we look forward to driving continued success in the local market for our employees and for our customers.”

(Great Place to Work) "Salesforce is a highly deserving #1 of the inaugural Singapore Best Companies to Work For! On practically every aspect that makes for a great workplace culture, Salesforce employees experience it - on the ground, true to heart and spirit and with the human touch encompassing within and outside the company. The bedrock anchoring everything Salesforce does is the highly collaborative and real-time process to set the vision for the company called the V2MOM; an acronym that stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures. This tool is an exercise in collaboration and awareness in which the result is total alignment. Every employee can view the CEO’s, the executive leadership’s and each other’s V2MOM. The result is a workforce that is aligned and focused, and that collaborates in real time on the direction of the company. The amazing trust that employees exhibit toward management's competence and ability to drive the business harnessing their individual contributions, makes Salesforce a great company to work for!"

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