AMAG Technology Releases Symmetry CompleteView 4.6 Video Management Software

AMAG Technology Releases Symmetry CompleteView 4.6 Video Management Software

Torrance, CA, December 8, 2015  AMAG Technology is proud to announce the release of the latest version of SymmetryCompleteView Video Management System.  The new 4.6 software release is a powerful, scalable video solution that offerssome of the best, most user friendly features on the video market today. Symmetry CompleteView 4.6 is compatible withthe Symmetry suite of products offering the latest in integrated solutions for access control, video and visitor management.  Symmetry products give customers a comprehensive end-to-end software platform so users can manage all their security needs while reducing risk and meeting industry compliance.

Known for its ease of use, Symmetry CompleteView 4.6 now offers a Thumbnail Search capability. Thumbnail Searchgenerates chronological thumbnail images from a single camera, based on search criteria provided by the user.  The user is able to search video for a selected camera in a specified date and time range.  Operators can also choose a desiredThumbnail Count to be displayed on the screen, and use this highly efficient search capability to quickly locate images of video events. 

Digital PTZ is also available when using the thumbnail feature, as well as taking snapshots of events for closer inspection or for sharing information.  Video events can be easily exported to file, CD/DVD, or to a user created Export Queue used toexport multiple video events in a single operation. Export Queue can contain video events from any camera on any server to which a user has access.  In addition, the events can be from a single day, multiple days, or a span of days.

The thumbnail video search capability is available from both the Symmetry CompleteView Video Client as well as the Symmetry CompleteView web client.

Building upon Symmetry CompleteView’s user friendly operator interface, users will now have the ability from the video client to save PTZ Presets by user defined names for easy reference when calling a PTZ camera to a saved preset position(example:  N. Parking Lot, S. Parking Lot, N. Parking Ent., etc.).

Symmetry CompleteView 4.6 also integrates with AMAG’s full lineup of Symmetry HD IP Cameras with support foradvanced built-in Video Content Analytics (VCA).  The user friendly Video Content Analytics offers cost effective solutionby enabling the Symmetry HD camera to process and send video analytic alarms to the Symmetry CompleteView VMS. VCA alarms include: Object Appear / Disappear, Object Direction, Object Dwell, Object Enter / Exit, Line CountersObjectPresence, Object Stopped, Object Tailgatingand Camera Tampering.       

In addition to AMAG’s full lineup of Symmetry IP Cameras, the Symmetry CompleteView 4.6 VMS integrates with anextensive list of IP camera models from manufacturers, such as: ACTi, Arecont, American Dynamics, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Brickcom, Hikvision, Honeywell, IDView, Immervision, IQinVision, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pelco, SamsungScallop, Sony,Toshiba, Vivotek…and more.

The Symmetry CompleteView Design Tool Wizard was upgraded to include enhanced PowerDAS models, GuardStationDual and Quad video client workstations, and the Extended Warranty options and Yearly Upgrade Program.  Users can nowselect these options as they leverage the online Symmetry CompleteView Design Tool Wizard located on AMAG’s website.
The Symmetry CompleteView Design Tool Wizard allows you to determine key design elements of your video security project. The design tool wizard will estimate the server hardware required to support your system design and will produce a printable report, either for a single server installation or for a multi-server/multi-site project.

Results include:
  • Required storage based on camera configurations
  • Recommended server (or multiple servers) for Symmetry CompleteView software based on specified camera configurations
  • Option to view with or without MSRP pricing and part numbers

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