The Best Bluetooth Sports Headset? Part 1 : Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 Review


When looking out for the best possible sports bluetooth headset in the market, we often talk more than just audio quality. We are also looking at the portability, battery life and other features that the headset brings, in order to provide the best sports experience. We were glad to say that there isn't a lack of choices out in the market. Today, we are going to review the Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 bluetooth headset that is said to be the best sports headset offering from Nakamichi. Will it live up to its name?

Design and Features

The Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 boasts an extremely simplistic design. Equipped with bluetooth technology, users can easily pair up their smartphone to the headset without much of a hassle. Audio from the smartphone can then be streamed seamlessly into the earphones, providing a almost truly wireless experience. Furthermore, there is a voice feedback within the headset to guide you along with your pairing, battery status or volume controls.

Yes! Both earbuds of the Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 are just connected to each other with a single cable. The flat styled cable also ensures that you have a tangle free experience with your earphones. There is also a small line control that is connected nearer to the right side of the earbud, allowing you to use your right hand to control the volume of the music or receive calls on-the-go, without even taking out your smartphone.

The Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 is featured with high end features that makes it really stand out from the rest of the competing products. It is equipped with APTX HD technology, which means that audio that is sent to the earphones via bluetooth will still retain its high quality.  In fact, APTX HD promises CD like quality over the headphones, which made us really look forward to testing out the earphones.

Moreover, the unit is also manufactured with the latest Noise Reduction technology which isolates the noise away like no other, allowing you to focus on your workout. The Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 is said to also function up to 6 hours on music, and can standby up to 180 hours.

Due to its compact design, the earbuds are infused with more technology, and they look seemingly larger than usual earbuds. Of course, this does not compromise any kind of sound quality or convenience. 

The MicroUSB port for charging is also well hidden under the right earbud. With the lack of documentations, we actually spent quite some time locating the charging port! This seamless design is commendable, giving the whole headset a symmetrically refined design.

Probably the best Sports Headset available out in the market...

After testing out the headset for a few days, we must say that Nakamichi has indeed not let us down. It may feel that we were purposefully helping Nakamichi to market their products, but the Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 is indeed one of the best earphones that we have tested. In fact, it sounded better than most of their wired headsets that we previously tested. The audio profile from the headset suited me very well with very clear vocals that are garnished with thumpy bass and crisp treble. It's a perfect choice for any mainstream users who are not particular with a specific section of the whole audio frequency, as we found the Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 to be well balanced throughout all frequencies. 

Moreover, the length of the cable was just right, making it excellent for runs or active sports. The cable will stay around your neck without annoying the user too much. It's the ideal handsfree solution for sports. However, due to the short cable, it was at first hard to locate the line control to control the volume, but it was rather straightforward once I got used to it. Nakamichi also said that the NEP-BTSPORTS05 is coated with a layer of Liquipel, which essentially repels water and sweat. This makes sportsmen worry less about the maintenance of the headset. To others, this also means a more reliable and durable headset.


We thought that battery life could have been better, as 6 hours on a single charge could be too short for someone who wants to use the headset for a full day. This also means that I will have to charge the headset every time before a workout, so as to ensure that the headset will work throughout my exercises. This is understandable, as the small footprint of Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 really makes it hard for the audio engineers to squeeze in a large capacity battery.

I'm just wondering, if the battery within the Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 was to be totally damaged and faulty, this could also mean that the whole headset will be useless. It would make sense to take extra care when charging the headset, as the battery is now the most valuable asset of the headset. 


Just like our previous review on another Nakamichi headset, we fell in love with the Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 as well. The NEP-BTSPORTS05 is an all-rounder with great sounding audio that suits extremely well for someone who does a lot of exercise and sports. The music coming out from the headset can even pump you up and motivate you to exercise, if you are someone who aren't really keen on exercising. We would really like to recommend the Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 to anyone out in the market who is looking for a great piece of audio headset/earphones, regardless if you are a sportsman or not. 

The Nakamichi NEP-BTSPORTS05 Bluetooth headset retails for SRP S$129.00 inclusive of GST and comes in 2 colours – Black and Green. The new Nakamichi headsets are available at all Sprint-Cass outlets, Mustafa Centre and TANGS Orchard. For the full list of stores, please kindly refer to

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