CM Telecom launches CM Analytics: real-time analytics tool for monitoring messaging

CM Telecom launches CM Analytics
BREDA, NETHERLANDS [19/01/2015] Global mobile services company CM Telecom today announces it has officially launched CM Analytics. CM Analytics is a free-of-charge and real-time app and responsive web tool that provides real-time insights in messaging traffic and conversions to customers working CM Telecom’s services.

Accessible to every customer
The new monitoring and analytics tool is accessible to all customers worldwide and saves them time andprevents them from searching single messages that may or may not have been delivered. In a glance it shows which countries and/or operators have trouble processing worldwide messaging services. 

Quick and transparent insights
CM Analytics (CMA) is accessible from every (mobile) web browser and available as mobile app (iOS & Android). It is unique in its kind as it offers aggregated insights in SMS messaging traffic. CM Analytics presents real-time trends in traffic and conversion so clients can adjust their strategy timely. CM Analytics is the first monitoring tool that enables people to monitor real-time messaging traffic on an aggregated level. 

Its users are able to monitor and track traffic in real-time, shown by delivery rate, delivery time, conversion rate and country, periods and operators. CMA shows which messages are delivered to which country and through which telecom operators the traffic flows. The graphs within CM Analytics are easy to understand and orderly provide traffic information.
Customers using CM Analytics can easily detect trends in their traffic and, in case they’re using it in combination with the Conversion API, monitor conversion per country in specific time periods. CM Analytics furthermore shows how countries and operators are performing. A map overview within Analytics shows in a glance which countries perform well or poor. Implementing the Conversion API lets customers easily perceive conversions and discover how messaging flows from their companies are performing. 
Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of CM Telecom: “CM Analytics modernises the way our customers monitor their worldwide messaging traffic. The tool is available to all our customers worldwide and free of charge. CM Analytics focuses on real-time information on messaging traffic and conversions. It makes messaging from our mobile platform utterly transparent and shows that we deliver on promises.”

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