evian Live Young 2016 - Welcome to Baby Bay!

evian babies are back…

…at Baby Bay, the most eye-catching surf spot around – except here it’s the size of the surfers and not the size of the waves that turns heads.

Partners since 22 years, evian and BETC Paris, have set their latest film on an exotic, slightly rugged beach, treating the ears as well as the eyes with a cover of the classic Beach Boys hit “Kokomo”, performed by Lilly Wood and The Prick.

Staying true to the “Live Young” signature, the film reaffirms evian’s vision of youth: a positive and universal value and an openness to the world and the unexpected, regardless of age.

Rounding up the campaign is a virtual reality application designed by Versus Fully Tailored Creation in partnership with Quiksilver.
The app presents a fun and outlandish immersive 360° experience inside a wave.

Put yourself in the shoes – or rather the wetsuit – of a baby and perform some iconic surfing moves.



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