Experience Remarkable Colour Reproduction with Canon XEED WUX6010 Projector

Experience Remarkable Colour Reproduction
with Canon XEED WUX6010 Projector
The XEED WUX6010 projector takes imaging quality up a notch with innovative features to enable a fuss-free installation


SINGAPORE, 22 April 2016 – Canon today launched the XEED WUX6010, a projector that is easy to install, delivers high luminosity and stunning image projections. The XEED WUX6010 is equipped with the HDBaseTTM feature that allows video and audio signals to be transmitted to the projector via a single LAN cable from afar, enabling an easy setup. Coupled with its powerful new LCOS panel, AISYS 4.1 optical system, and short arc lamp, this full-scale WUXGA projector with 6000 lumens is able to produce exceptionally bright and colourful images.
“The launch of the flagship XEED WUX6010 projector shows Canon’s continued commitment to deliver versatile and eco-friendly products that meet the needs of professional customers. Equipped with the latest technological advancements in features like the HDBaseTTM, the XEED WUX6010 provides users great value as the projector fits perfectly in both small meeting rooms and large auditoriums where excellent image quality is essential,” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore.
Outstanding performance with energy-saving features
Paired with the AISYS 4.1 optical system and an LCOS panel that enhances reflectivity, the XEED WUX6010 is capable of projecting images in accurate, rich, and vivid colours, with increased brightness. With a zoom ratio of 1.5x with the Standard Zoom lens RS-IL01ST, it can project a screen size of 40 to 600 inches, providing users with great versatility in a range of scenarios, from small-sized rooms to halls and auditoriums.
The XEED WUX6010 offers an impressive 6000 lumens brightness rating and delivers class-leading “Eco” performance with its advanced LCOS panel, which minimises light wastage through diffraction. Thus, the projector is able to achieve efficient power consumption of about 0.078 W/lm – nearly half the power required by competitor models[1]. Given its efficiency and energy-saving features, the XEED WUX6010 passes the requirements of the eco design standard also known as the Energy-related Product lot 3[2].
The LCOS panel of the XEED WUX6010 is capable of withstanding up to 100 hours of continuous projection without experiencing “burn-in”[3].
Versatile deployment with flexible installation options
Designed for a wide range of applications, the XEED WUX6010 can be installed easily to suit any environment – for example, pointed downwards for floor projections, or upwards for ceiling projections. Once installed, a built-in motorised lens shift allows users to adjust the positioning of the lens with a remote control.
The XEED WUX6010 is also equipped with a four-point keystone correction feature that automatically adjusts the projection image to compensate for distortions. This helps retain an accurate aspect ratio even when operating in tight spaces that may require projectors to be positioned diagonally. While keystone-corrected images are usually affected by moiré, grid-like patterns formed on the projected image, the XEED WUX6010 is capable of managing this effect through its newly developed imaging engine. This drastically reduces resolution-loss and moiré, ensuring the projection retains its original image quality and clarity.
The XEED WUX6010 also supports the HDBaseTTM standard, which allows video and audio content to be transmitted to a projector situated some distance away via a LAN cable. The device is also capable of projecting from two separate sources simultaneously with its Picture by Picture function.
When used in an environment that requires a projection brighter than 6000 lumens, two or more projectors can be “stacked” to provide increased brightness, with their separate projections combined and superimposed onto a single screen. This provides a cost-effective solution for larger-scale installations, as projectors with two-fold brightness usually come at a significantly higher cost. The Edge Blending function can also be activated to reduce the brightness in overlapping areas, so that the two projections blend seamlessly without causing excessive brightness in the centre of the image.
Increased flexibility with interchangeable lenses
For added convenience and flexibility, users are able to choose from five different Canon lenses, ranging from short fixed lens to ultra-long zoom lens, with minimal difference in brightness and external appearance. With these five changeable lenses, the WUX6010 is capable of supporting projections for smaller venues such as conference rooms, to larges spaces such as auditoriums.
Pricing and availability
The XEED WUX6010 projector is now available at all Canon authorised dealers at a recommended retail price of $9,900.
Product specifications
Dimensions: 380 x 170 x 430 mm (including extrusions), 
380 x 150 x 430 mm (excluding extrusions)
Weight: 8.5 kg
Brightness: 6000 lm
Resolution: WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
Contrast ratio: 2000:1
HDBaseT: Yes
Speaker: 5W monaural

[1] Competitor’s DLP projector offering 6,000 lumens has a power consumption of about 141 W/lm.
[2] Eco design requirements related to projectors, DVD players, and game devices.
[3] A phenomenon that results in a bright image being ‘ghosted in’ over dark patterns on the LCOS panel.

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