National Institute of Informatics Utilizes Juniper Networks MX Series Routers to Construct Their SINET5 Academic Network

National Institute of Informatics Utilizes Juniper Networks MX Series Routers to Construct Their SINET5 Academic Network

Leading Academic Research Institute Deployed a Full-Mesh Network Infrastructure with the MX Series at Its Core, Connecting Over Fifty Centers in Japan and Other Countries at 100 Gbps

Singapore – May 26, 2016– Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced that the National Institute of Informatics (NII) has utilized Juniper Networks® MX Series 3Duniversal edge routers in SINET5, an academic information network constructed to meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of Japan’s universities and research institutions. Deploying MX Series 3D routers, including the MX2010 for large centers and MX240 for smaller centers, NII has constructed a full-mesh network connecting over fifty data centers inside and outside of Japan. The network launched operations on April 1, 2016.

SINET is an academic research network utilized by approximately 850 universities and research institutes in Japan, with connection hubs nationwide. The network also delivers connectivity in conjunction with research networks in the US, the EU, and Asia to drive domestic and international research projects through SINET. To keep up with research networks in Europe and America, where 100 Gbps connectivity is widespread, NII needed to upgrade its network to SINET5 to realize shorter transmission delays and handle higher traffic volumes efficiently.

The previous network SINET4, had a tree topology, where core nodes (routers) were installed in eight major cities throughout Japan, with branches-to-edge nodes (switches) in each region. As data traffic increased over the years, this presented issues, including transmission delays and the high management workload required due to the overall number of switches. 

Adoption Criteria
To solve these problems, the new SINET5 network was required to provide 100 Gbps full-mesh connection across over fifty centers and minimize delays by eliminating hops. The network also needed to support a variety of interfaces, from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps, to accommodate a diverse range of subscribers. Moreover, to meet the requirements of data centers within the network, there was a desire to utilize an energy-efficient line-up of routers, with models supporting various scales using the same architecture. After considering such requirements, the NII selected Juniper’s MX Series.

Furthermore, with SINET5, emphasis was put not just on hardware, but also on software and network OS. Using the Logical Systems feature built into the MX Series, multiple virtual routers for various types of VPN may be configured within a single physical router, and virtual routers, bridges, and switches may be created within the router to deliver various types of access and services.

Future Scalability
As R&D using SINET becomes increasingly vigorous, the network will need to accommodate a variety of subscribers through higher integration, and there will also be a need for network services with greater added value and functionality.

The MX Series 3D has the built in agility to provide NII with strong scalability options when demand for even higher capacity –such as industry-leading 100GbE density INET support or even faster interfaces arise in the future, with the ability to be easily upgraded and scaled-up using 400GbE-ready line cards. This is especially crucial with network technology advancing by the day, with high-speed interfaces such as 100Gbps increasingly becoming the norm.

Supporting Quotes
“We have started working with engineers at Juniper Networks regarding the scaling-up of some functions and new services. Looking ahead, we look to enable SINET to grow flexibly, so that we may continue to construct the academic information infrastructure that will drive cutting-edge research and education in Japan.”
Professor Hiroshi Yamada, Research and Development Center for Academic Networks at NII

“Building on our success with SINET4, we are delighted to once again provide the innovative networking infrastructure required to power NII’s SINET5. Consistent with our strong track record within the education sector, we look forward to continued success delivering the best networking technology possible for academic networks in Japan and beyond.”
Tomohiro Furuya, country manager, Japan, Juniper Networks

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