momit to embark new territories with its latest innovation: momit Cool

momit to embark new territories with its latest innovation: momit Cool

Singapore – 15 June 2016 – momit, European smart technology developer, has taken the first step to enter the Asian-Pacific market with momit Cool, a device that gives your A/C smart functions. This is the third product developed after only four years since the company was founded. Momit Cool was the chosen product to take the leap into one of the most competitive smart technology markets.

momit was brought into existence as the result of a common goal between the Miguel Sanchez and Eduardo Rodriguez – “We want to Improve people’s lives through smart devices that allow you to save money while enjoying a more comfortable lifestyle. After four years we believe we have a solid foundation to enter this territory as valuable players in the IoT market, worthy of competing in the Asian continent. We are confident in the devices we have developed and we are eager to launch our latest product here,” said Miguel Sánchez, CEO of the company. “Our latest device is the definition of simple and we hope that users can appreciate and take advantage of all the benefits it offers.”

momit Cool shows promise with an easy installation and affordable price. Unlike similar devices, momit Cool is ready to use in no time; all it takes is sticking the momit Cool Pod to the air conditioner and plugging the momit Gateway to the Internet router for users to start benefiting from its functions.
It can easily be controlled through the momit Cool App, where the user will find useful tools that optimize their energy consumption and statistical information on how energy coming from their air conditioner is being used.

Being a smart device, it learns from users’ habits and daily routine and turns the air conditioner on and off accordingly. Its Geolocation function makes the air conditioner turn off when the user leaves home and turn on when he/she comes back. momit Cool has a schedule that allows the user to  program different time intervals with  a certain temperature. This way, users can avoid high or low peaks of temperature that happen during the day, making sure to have the most comfortable temperature always.

Most importantly, it’s 100% compatible with air conditioners that work on remote controls. The many benefits of momit Cool make it a neat gadget for any modern household. It’s a great accessory that comes in handy during the summer and winter as it works for both cool and heating systems.
Great expectations lie ahead for momit as new players in this developed smart technology market.  “Challenges are not a barrier for us and we are sure that we will have a positive reception as we have had in the past,” adds Miguel Sanchez.

About momit
With a staff of 30 workers, momit® has grown exponentially, after international recognition of its innovations in the field "Internet of Things", so much so that, besides being a finalist in LeWeb Paris, winner of UNITE, Entrepreneurs Wayra or La Caixa, this young Spanish company was selected as the best initiative for a sustainable and intelligent planet by IBM as part of its prestigious competition SmartCamp. The products created and those in the process of development to change the way people interact with HVAC management systems at home, as well as the agreements reached, allow momit®, to attain international expansion, with the object of becoming an essential platform in achieving comfort in homes and businesses, contributing to the preservation of natural resources.
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