Review of SilverStone CPU01 Reversible MicroUSB Cable and CPU03 Reversible Lightning Cable

Want the benefits of a reversible USB Type C cable on a MicroUSB Type B? You probably never knew that it was actually possible that such cables exist. Thanks to the ingenious designs from SilverStone, such cables are finally available in the market.

The CPU01 is a Reversible USB-A to Reversible Micro-B cable. This means that both ends of the USB cable will fit well perfectly into their respective ports regardless of its orientation. Forget about damaging phone if you force the wrong side of the cable into your phone's microUSB charging port. Such situations will never happen with the SilverStone CPU01.

In addition to the CPU01 cable, SilverStone has also released CPU03, which is a lightning cable variant. Understanding that the lightning cable is already reversible, SilverStone has included the reversible USB Type A port to make it stand out from any of the other lightning cables out in the market.

The CPU01 and CPU03 just works. There is no additional drivers or applications that need to be installed on the computer or phone. Moreover, SilverStone has decided to braid the cable with a strong nylon material, ensuring that the cable is going to withstand the toughest situations it is put into. This cable also supports high speed charging high speed data synchronization based on the USB 2.0 standard.

The CPU01 and CPU03 Reversible cables are available in Gold, Silver and Charcoal colours. CPU03 is also availabe in Rose Gold. With such innovative features, we are sure that this cable is going to be popular with both Android and iPhone users, if the product reaches our shores at an affordable price for adoption.

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