Public and Private Sector Collaboration Key To Growing Application Economy In Asia Pacific & Japan: CA Technologies Study

Public and Private Sector Collaboration Key To Growing Application Economy In Asia Pacific & Japan: CA Technologies Study

However, governments in Asia Pacific & Japan identified lack of tech talent and training
as top barriers to digital transformation and adapting to application economy

SINGAPORE, August 2, 2016 - CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced the Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) results of a global Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) survey commissioned to discover how key players - governments, enterprises and start-ups - are navigating the application economy.

According to App Nations: Start-Ups, States and Enterprisessignificant collaboration exists between the public and private sectors across APJ, with more than 95% of government respondents, 90% of enterprises and 81% of start-ups in APJ concurring that they have seen collaboration among the three groups.

In fact, more than 74% of government respondents in APJ have indicated that application start-ups are crucial or important in driving growth of the application economy and 79% say the same for large enterprises who have application-based products and services

“Across Asia Pacific and Japan, we are witnessing digital transformation becoming an integral part of the national agenda for many governments. In the application economy, where every business is a software business, growing digital capabilities has become the key to staying competitive,” said Kenneth Arredondo, president and general manager, APJ, CA Technologies. “Governments, start-ups and even large enterprises are not only beginning to understand the necessity of this, but that partnerships, be it technology integration or B2B sales, can be a boon to their growth.”

However, all parties also agreed that there is still more that can be done. In APJ, government respondents named a shortage of tech talent stemming from a lack of educational or training programs as the largest barrier to growth of the application economy (48%). This was followed by one-third of APJ government respondents pointing to a lack of public funding.

Highlights of the survey revealed:
·        85% of government respondents in APJ see the technology sector as an important and often crucial driver of economic growth in their regions
·        71% of government respondents in APJ say that the application economy has positively impacted job growth, economic competitiveness, or the ability to provide better services to citizens.
·        57% of government respondents in APJ indicate there are specific initiatives, policies or regulations for the application economy in their jurisdiction.
·        87% of enterprises and 64% of start-ups in APJ characterize their relationships with each other as slightly or very helpful, but also identify competitive threats posed by each other.
·        57% of start-ups and 67% of enterprise respondents in APJ expect cybersecurity risks to increase over the next two years and pose a threat to their success.

In addition to the survey, CA Technologies has sponsored the creation of an interactive map, Hotspots of the Application Economy, featuring insights about 10 cities (including Beijing, Bangalore, Seoul and Sydney) that are hotbeds of activity in today’s application economy, together with an overview of supporting regional landscapes. The full set of material are available at the links below:

App Nations: Start-Ups, States and Enterprises

Survey Methodology
App Nations: Start-Ups, States and Enterprises is a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) sponsored by CA Technologies. In May and June 2016 The EIU conducted three integrated global surveys on the topic of the application ecosystem, in which 377 respondents in total took part. The start-up survey sample numbered 125 respondents; the enterprise sample 127 respondents; and the government sample 125 respondents.

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