Review of the MasterKeys Lite L by Cooler Master


Back when we were in COMPUTEX 2016 in TAIPEI, we were introduced to the MasterKeys Lite L from Cooler Master. This keyboard and mouse combo aims to provide the best possible and most comfortable user experience to its users at a very affordable price.

Riding the wave at COMPUTEX 2016 where many products were announced with RGB lighting, the MasterKeys Lite L Keyboard and Mouse Combo also features a fully customizable RGB LED lighting system. With the expiration of Cherry MX’s switch patents, there has been an increase in the choices of mechanical key switches available in the market. This competition has led to alternative mechanical keyboard using “imitated” switches such as Outemu and Gateron, but none brings about a quality RGB LED system like one from Cooler Master.

Unlike the MasterKeys Pro S which we have reviewed earlier, the MasterKeys Lite does not feature actual mechanical keys, but rather, a custom “mem-chanical” keyboard. This Membrane/Mechanical  hybrid design has brought about a whole different feel and experience to users, as enjoyed by users of Cooler Master’s previous Devastator II keyboard.

The Mouse

The mouse that is bundled together with the MasterKeys Lite L combo is in fact a simple but highly comfortable and usable MasterMouse. It is designed to work well with both lefties and righties, except for the placement of side buttons, which could be somewhat awkward for the left handed users. The DPI can be changed on the mouse directly with the help of the button below the scroll wheel. The AVAGO 3050 Optical Sensor on the unit allows a range of DPI sensitivity from 500 to 3500 and 4 DPI profiles are pre-set on the mouse. At the bottom of the mouse are mouse feet allows the mouse to glide easily on any surfaces. Moreover, to complement the great LED design on the keyboard, the mouse also lights up in different colours!

In our opinion, the mouse is suitable for any gamer who has an average palm size. Cooler Master tries to bundle a “one size fits all” mouse for the MasterKeys Lite L combo, but users with a larger hand may find the mouse too small for their liking. Despite its ambidextrous design, the mouse is still catered more for right handers as the side buttons are placed on the left side of the mouse. The mouse also feels a bit lightweight, but it will work well for fast paced map based games such as RTS and MMORPG.

The Keyboard

Custom key caps bring about real value to the MasterKeys Lite L. With its support for Cherry MX keycaps as well, users can also purchase this unit as a barebone, and modify specific keys at a later stage to suit their different needs. Even without the actual mechanical keys, the MasterKeys Lite L feels like something in between Cherry MX Red and Brown. This hybrid switch design is sure to be a feature that could attract a new group of audience on its own.

The RGB lighting on the MasterKeys Lite L is out of the world. Its quality and customization options are much better than any other value oriented keyboard out in the market. It allows almost unlimited choices of colours to be shown on the keyboard, and with multiple effects available, the MasterKeys Lite is sure to stand out. Moreover, all the effects and colours can be changed just with the hotkeys on itself. There is no need for any additional software or drivers to be installed. We also understand that Cooler Master is also coming out with the RGB SDK which enables developers to even further customize their range of supported RGB keyboards.

We really liked the fact that the MasterKeys Lite L is designed with a minimalist outlook. There are no additional out of place keys that are on the keyboard, and we got used to the new keyboard very quickly. In fact, it was extremely easy to adapt to the MasterKeys Lite L because it feels so good to type on.


In conclusion, we really enjoyed our experience on the MasterKeys Lite L keyboard combo. Both the mouse and keyboard will definitely enable gamers to do their best in their games, if there are upgrading from a usual common keyboard and mouse setup. Priced at SGD $109, this keyboard combo is one of the most affordable RGB based gaming keyboard and mouse out in the market. Moreover, despite its focus on games, it actually works extremely well for productivity applications and word processing too! For us, we will be keeping the MasterKeys Lite for our own use.

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