The review on Aegis (gaming microphone) by AVerMedia

Hate fumbling around with headphones and how uncomfortable it is after hours of gaming? Wish you could do away with headphones all together and still communicate effectively with your friends? Now you can with Aegis from AVerMedia! Aegis is a gaming microphone that promises that you would be heard even with your speakers turned on. But it is time to put Aegis to the test.

Originally, there were some assumptions that the Aegis would be a pain to configure and calibrate. But it was all but a breeze after using their Voice Engine software. Just a few clicks of a button and the Aegis was ready to be used. Recommendation: Place the aegis in front of you and also not behind the speaker to fully utilize its Speaker Sound Suppression.

Moving on to actually using the microphone. On the first test, a fan was set to blow on the front of the Aegis. There were some noise and rumbling picked up by the Aegis but it will not drown out your voice. The fan was then shifted to blow on the back of the Aegis. Surprisingly, there was little to no background noise. Your voice will not be muffled and you would be heard clearly. Great job AVerMedia!

On the second test, the previous test scenario was duplicated in addition to using a mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX Blue) that was 9cm away. There were some assumptions that the noise generated from the keyboard would be too loud and would affect the call quality. But after trying it out, the audio was clear and in focus with only faint clicks and clacks in the background. Another point to the Aegis!

And finally, it was tested in several gaming sessions using Skype. The audio was clear the entire session even with the speakers turned on. The sounds made by the speakers did not affect, or rather, was non-existent on the receiving end of the call. Props to the Aegis for doing a great job and getting rid of the dreaded echoes that speaker/microphone users normally face. But this was not without any caveats. In order to filter out any audio from the sounds from the speaker, the volume of audio would at times drop to compensate. The volume knob had to be set to the highest or any audio would be too soft but your mileage may vary.

Overall, nothing could faze the Aegis and it did a much greater job than regular microphone headset. With its Speaker Sound Suppression, it manages to filter out all of the background noise to make it one of the best gaming microphone ever tested.

Pros :
  • More comfortable
  • Can be placed up to 60cm away from you
  • Handy volume controlSuperb speaker sound suppression
  • Modern take on the medieval wall décor with its shield-like design
  • Works with any modern PCs

  • Volume can be low when speakers are loud

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