Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update releasing on the 9th August

A few days ago, @LumiaIndia tweeted that the new Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update will be released on the 9th August 2016. Very soon after, the tweet was removed from their page and thus, we were not able to confirm their claims.

Nonetheless, a new article has confirmed that the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update will be released to the public on the 9th of August, but handsets will only receive OTA updates from their operators a week later. According to Windows Central, this new update will be targeted for unlocked Lumia and Windows Phones from other manufacturers such as Acer and NuAns.

Carrier locked versions will receive their updates from the 16th August. This allows carriers to have more time to test out the new update, before their release. Of course, there are possibilities that the timeline for the release of the update may be changed, as Microsoft has yet to officially announce the release dates. The report also claims that build 14393.67 version could be the actual Anniversary update pushed to users. The new update is said to solve issues of high battery drain when Windows 10 Mobile devices are idle or when screen is off. Most definitely, users can also expect new features to the Mobile Operating System on the major update.

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