Small businesses can get paid sooner with improved PayPal integration on Xero’s platform

Many small business owners face the same woes – late payments. Aside from time spent chasing invoices, which can be a frustrating experience, late payments can have a crippling effect on small businesses when it impacts their cash flow.

Xero started out the year by offering an easy way to support credit card payments through Stripe, multiple payment options, and access to these settings when raising an invoice. Then, just a few months ago, another wave of improvements that made online invoice pages responsive to the size of the viewer’s screen, as well as support for Braintree payment services were released.

Now, Xero’s improved PayPal integration with fees will help small business owners get paid sooner by providing:
  • A slick checkout experience for customers with PayPal Express Checkout and online invoices marked as paid
  • Real-time update on the status of an invoice in Xero
  • PayPal & Stripe fees are automatically split out from payments and a spend money record is created
  • Payments and fees are automatically matched against an invoice making reconciliation a breeze

For more information about the improved PayPal integration, visit Xero’s blog here.

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