Ace Banana For The PlayStation®VR Out Now

Publisher: Oasis Games | Developer: TVR (Time of Virtual Reality
Platform: PlayStation®VR | Genre: First Person Arcade Archery Game
ESRB: Everyone | Players: 1 – 2 (co-op post launch)
Release: October 13, 2016 (Day 1 PS®VR launch title)
Pricing: $14.99. Discounts October 13 – 27 10% off  & PS Plus members: 20% off

GAME DESCRIPTION                                                                                                         
Meddling monkeys are on the loose and they’re out to nab the best of the bunch! They may know where the bananas are but what they don’t know is they’re messing with the wrong one! You are a world-famous skilled Banana Archer and you have all the tools to protect the innocent bunch.

KEY FEATURES                                                                                                                
  • Classic Arcade Gallery gameplay can now be enjoyed in VR— PlayStation®Move controllers act as your bow to replicate aiming and shooting with a menagerie of arrows ranging from plungers, rubber fish and pandas, the controllers also allow for teleporting to different elevations to better target your foes
  •  Mysterious Monkeys on the move — Move through 16 stages where monkeys are not what they seem, they’ll even find ways to disguise themselves in 4 boss battles that’ll challenge even the best Banana Archer
  • Vibrant environment filled with laughs and upbeat soundtrack— Simple controls are complemented by a brightly colored world with comical animations including baby monkeys holding stinky garlic being tossed at you to block your 
  • Continue the fun— Grow bananas filled with personality and engage in co-op mode for up to two players which will be introduced in the coming months to aid in protecting the innocent bananas 

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