IBM Launches Experimental Platform for Embedding Watson into Any Device

Vonage, a leading provider of cloud communications for business, has been working with the Watson team at IBM on an integration with Vonage Nexmo Voice API to extend the capabilities of Intu, an IBM cognitive platform, to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) network. Through this integration, Watson’s capabilities can be enhanced to reach billions of people who have access to a telephone. 

Developers recently demonstrated an Intu integration with the Vonage Nexmo Voice API over WebSockets, enabling a natural language voice interface to Watson over a regular telephone line. This is an example of how IBM Watson developers can now bring telephone enabled experiences to their artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Here's a 90 second video of Tony Jamous, President of Vonage's Nexmo API Platform, explaining Vonage's role and the benefits to IBM's Project Intu and Watson.

Vonage introduced support for both WebSockets and SIP endpoints (going beyond traditional telephone endpoints) for the Nexmo Voice API to enable AI, bots and integration with voice recognition, recording, and transcription engines. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) support allows developers, within IBM or otherwise, to mix and match SIP and PSTN endpoints seamlessly. 

  • Project Intu is an experimental framework to help developers equip devices more easily with Watson's conversation, language and visual-recognition services
  • Nexmo Voice API allows developers to build modern enterprise communications customised for any app, website or voice-based communications system easily 
  • SIP is a communications protocol for signalling and controlling multimedia communication sessions including voice and video calls
  • PSTN is the aggregate of global circuit-switched telephone networks operated by national, regional, local telephony operators, providing infrastructure and services for public telecommunication.

You can read more about the Vonage Nexmo Voice API and IBM Project Intu here

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