Hillstone Networks Announces Server Breach Detection System

Hillstone Networks Announces Server Breach Detection System

Hillstone sBDS protects the critical assets of internal networks

Singapore, 14 February 2017Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of network security solutions, today launched Server Breach Detection System (sBDS) to complement its portfolio of network security solutions. The Hillstone sBDS solution is a key component of Hillstone’s Intranet security portfolio, protecting critical assets such as servers, and leveraging Hillstone’s unique behavior-based threat detection technology to detect compromised hosts, as well as threats within the intranet.

“Because of today’s very sophisticated threat landscape, no single point product – regardless of how intelligent or smart the solution – is effective to secure an organization’s critical assets.  Multiple layers of defense is today’s mandate. Data, the critical asset as the ultimate target, needs to be protected from multiple postures: server front, at the perimeter and in the cloud,” said Francis Teo, South East Asia Regional Director of Hillstone Networks. “sBDS provides security for critical assets, and adds another critical layer of security to our solution portfolio.”

Hillstone's solution is built on a rich set of interconnected detection engines that act in parallel to identify threats inside the network. It protects critical assets, such as servers, and identifies advanced threats that have already breached the perimeter defense. It leverages the proprietary Hillstone threat correlation analytics platform – a combination of the abnormal behavior detection and unknown malware detection technology – to offer effective and continuous threat protection.

Deployed in front of critical servers, it monitors behavior and establishes a behavioral baseline. When the pattern changes, the advanced behavior detection engine alerts the other parallel engines of the event, where it is quickly pinpointed, characterized, and the IT security team is notified of the action with all of the pertinent information. The Hillstone solution is often tapped into an enterprise internal network traffic, and complement existing perimeter protection, such as Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS).

James Wang, analyst at IDC, states, “Today, the traditional security defense system are challenged to effectively secure against unknown threats; and the world's leading security vendors are working on accurately identifying unknown threats in the network through technologies such as Threat Intelligent Cloud (TIC) and AI, using combined security solutions to protect IT environments. Hillstone has always been on the cusp of technology innovation, and this release of sBDS adopts advanced  security technology such as TIC and behavior analystics and is a great complement to its portfolio of security products in ensuring comprehensive security for customers’ networks.”

Hillstone sBDS helped secure the internal network of a top engineering university hosting 25,000 students, whose network had been breached by an exernal threat. sBDS was able to identify the comprised host and protect the university’s critical data.  Mr. Zhu, a representative from the university, said, “As a top and acclaimed university, we have stringent compliance regulations; Hillstone helped us meet our compliance requirements by securing our intranet from external breaches. Now our students and staff can engage in their daily educational needs with peace of mind and the knowledge that they can safely access network assets without compromise.”

For more information on the solution, visit www.hillstonenet.com.

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