4 Devices that caught our attention at HP’s new “Office of the Future” Product Launch event

4 Devices that caught our attention at HP’s new “Office of the Future” Product Launch event 

HP launched a slew of products at their “Office of the Future” event last Friday. Based on HP’s understanding, The Office of the Future is an inspiring, exciting, and secure work environment that empowers an organisation’s employees for success by giving them the technology capabilities to be productive and creative effortlessly. It is not just a physical workspace, but it also gives employees the flexibility, mobility and security to choose how and where they want to work. Their newly launched business products are developed and designed with these visions in mind. 

Take away your stereotype of ugly, heavy and bulky business machines. HP has just redefined what a business computing device in the Office of the Future is. Here are 4 new devices that caught our attention.

1. HP EliteBook x360

Lionel Ch'ng, Managing Director of HP Inc Singapore with the
HP EliteBook x360

There are reasons why the HP EliteBook x360 is the winner of 5 outstanding awards at CES2017 this year. This business machine not only is packed with high performing hardware, but it also weighs extremely light at a mere 1.3Kg. Despite its thin and light design, this device still features the traditional input ports (unlike the newer laptops from competitors), enabling a dongle free experience for business users. It can also perform up to 16 hours of continuous usage on a single full charge (based on HP’s battery testing methods).

The EliteBook x360’s is very well designed. The hardware is encased in a solid CNC aluminium unibody frame, which give it its premium and sturdy vigour. Moreover, its thin display bezels also add on to the overall beauty of the whole device.

As the name suggests, the HP EliteBook x360 is a versatile laptop that has the 360-degree screen rotation capabilities. It is essential as part of the Office of the Future set-up, allowing multiple user modes for the maximum productivity.

2.  HP Pro x2 612 G2

The Pro x2 612 G2 is on the other hand, serves a different audience as compared to the more conventional EliteBook x360. The Pro x2 612 G2 is a Windows 10 enabled tablet device that has an optional magnetic keyboard that can be attached to it. It is for the users who are always on the go, and wants to have quick access to their PC whenever they are. It is particularly suited for creation and collaboration, as its kickstand can be extended to 165-degrees for better touch and stylus inking experience.

3.  HP Z2 Mini Workstation

The HP Z2 Mini Workstation is a new generation of workstation that defies performance expectations. This small form factor workstation was demonstrated to power 6 x 4K displays while running CAD applications at the same time! It is possibly the smallest desktop workstation that is currently out in the market right now.

Despite its small form factor, it still features workstation class specifications. The HP Z2 Mini is equipped with the latest Intel Xeon Processor delivering unprecedented performance, and even NVIDIA Quadro Pro Graphics for accelerated graphics and model rendering.

4. HP Elite Slice

The HP Elite Slice is a great add-on to the meeting room in the Office of the Future. It is designed for the modern workforce and is highly modular and configurable. The HP Elite Slice firstly comes with a standard functional computer unit that runs on the Windows 10 Operating System. It can be further enhanced by adding different modules for it.

For example, if integrated speakers are required, an additional speaker module by Bang and Olufsen can simply be installed by placing it the bottom of the main unit. If there is a need to add optical disk capabilities, one can simply add the ODD module. Other modules include the Collaboration cover for calls and conferences, and Charging cover for wireless charging.

Security DNA part of all new HP business products

Understanding the needs of a secure environment in the Office of the Future, HP has put in a lot of effort on the security of these new devices. They have integrated security features into every single layer of the computer system. With HP Sure Start Gen3, HP devices will only allow booting of OS in a safe and secure state. This invention also prevents malware from gaining access to the computer during runtime, and intelligently recovers the BIOS to a last known good configuration. The HP BIOSphere Gen3 on the other hand, adds an additional shield for the BIOS to prevent any compromise to system hardware. 

Physically, some HP products can also be equipped with the HP Sure View technology. These are integrated privacy screen which reduces 95% of visible light when the screen is viewed at an angle. This ensures that content can only seen by the actual user, and increases privacy and the security of important data that is presented on the screen. The Sure View feature can even be turned on or off for the optimal user experience.

Of course, there are many other security features on the new HP products such as HP WorkWise, HP Client Security Suite Gen3, HP Secure Erase, etc. You can find out more here http://www8.hp.com/sg/en/campaign/computersecurity/index.html

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