30,000 In-progress Threats Detected Across 2,400 Deployments

Singapore, April 13, 2017 – Darktrace, the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, has closed another quarter of phenomenal growth and demand for its unique technology continues, securing contracts with a total value of over $150 million. The Enterprise Immune System has detected 30,000 in-progress cyber-threats across 2,400 deployments worldwide, ranging from Vancouver to Melbourne. Darktrace now has over 375 partners, and 400 employees across 24 global locations. Unknown threats detected by the Enterprise Immune System include the compromise of a video conferencing device, the vulnerability of back-up servers containing senior executive communications, and an emerging attack against a connected refrigeration system.

The Enterprise Immune System is the world’s first and only machine learning technology to detect and fight against in-progress threats in real time. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace’s tried-and-tested AI algorithms learn the normal ‘pattern of life’ of every device and user on the network to defend organizations of all sizes against emerging threats. Unlike traditional approaches that look at past attacks to pre-define and stop threats at the border, the Enterprise Immune System heralds a new era in cyber security by empowering networks to inoculate themselves against threats from within. 

“The Enterprise Immune System has revolutionized our security,” commented Terrell Johnson, Systems and Networks Manager, Sunsweet – an global agricultural producer known for its dried food products. “The amount of visibility we achieve from its machine learning approach is unmatched. We are now finding anomalies, in real time, that would have taken us weeks, or even months, to find on our own.”

“Our outstanding growth this quarter highlights the fundamental innovation behind our technology,” said Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace. “The Enterprise Immune System is unique in its ability to not only detect but also remediate in-progress threats, including subtle, stealthy attacks, and ‘unknown unknowns’. Proven across thousands of deployments, it is a true manifestation of AI in action making Darktrace’s technology virtually impossible to replicate.”

Further details on Darktrace’s growth figures include:
  • Darktrace has secured contracts with a total value of $150 million compared with the $125 million in total contract value announced in December 2016
  • Darktrace now boasts 2,400 deployments worldwide compared to 2,000 deployments in December 2016
  • To date, the Enterprise Immune System has detected over 30,000 serious in-progress threats compared to 27,000 in December 2016
  • The company now has 375 partners, and 400 employees across 24 global locations, compared with 300 partners, and 370 employees in 23 locations worldwide in December 2016

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