PLEXTOR shows off their flagship M8Se NVMe SSD at COMPUTEX 2017

PLEXTOR has managed to achieve much attention with their flagship M8Pe NVMe based SSD. These SSDs promised great value for the money, as they performed extremely well and still remained rather affordable for enthusiasts.  

At COMPUTEX 2017, PLEXTOR launched the M8Se. The M8Se SSD will comes in 3 main variant and 4 different capacities. It will be available in a standard PCI-e expansion card form factor with a PCI-e 3.0 x4 slot, a M.2 form factor with heatsink, and a M.2 form factor without heatsink. They will come in 128/256/512/1TB capacities. All these drives will utilize the NVMe protocol for communication.

The main difference between the M8Pe and the M8Se is that the former is made with MLC NAND, while the latter features TLC NAND. TLC NAND are cheaper than MLC, and performs slightly slower. With the new M8Se NVMe SSD, Plextor is set to target the whole mainstream market for widespread NVMe SSD adoption.

The M8Se SSDs can deliver up to 2450MB/s read speed and 1000MB/s write speed. 

At the same time, PLEXTOR also teased their next generation flagship M9Pe SSD. This new SSD is said to utilize the new Toshiba BiCS3 64 layer 3D TLC NAND and can reach read performance of more than 3GBps.

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