3 New Updates Every Designer Needs to Know About Adobe Creative Cloud

Speed and beauty define the quality of any design work. But certain tasks, like finding the right stock images, getting design workflows right, and managing source codes and versions, can be enormous time-crunchers that disrupt inspiration and creative flow.

We are excited to share that Adobe has released new key updates to its Adobe Creative Cloud suite that will give designers access to headline-worthy editorial stock photos and video; artificial intelligence to fine-tune the aesthetics of stock searches; quicker design workflows as well as easier collaboration.

Here’s a look at the top three updates and how they can help designers solve their frustrations and truly bring ideas to life:

1.     Fine-tune image searches with the help of an AI master - The new Aesthetic Filters feature allows designers to optimize their quests on Visual Search. With the power of Adobe Sensei, they tap the power of machine learning to make their searches more precise with aesthetic preferences, such as Depth-of-Field and Vivid Color.
2.     Git more out of Dreamweaver - The new release of Dreamweaver now supports Git. For web designers, that means it’s easier to maintain versions, manage source codes in a secure repository, and collaborate in real-time. The updates also include two new code themes for a greater contrast and visual appeal in code view.
3.     Put the pedal to the metal for UX design workflows - Adobe XD users on Mac or Windows can now customize individual symbols, like buttons, navbars, and sliders, or generalize changes to all symbols. This means greater design flexibility and faster UX design workflows. On Windows 10, they can create and edit beautiful linear gradients within vector objects, bring in gradients from Illustrator, drag and drop layers, and create different text styles within area and point text.

The new Adobe Creative Cloud updates will make life easier for designers.

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