BenQ's new Interactive Flat Screen Displays to power the Classroom of Tomorrow

BenQ has just launched the new RP750K interactive flat screen display targeted for the education section. The BenQ RP750 display will be the heart of a smart classroom. These displays opens up a new dimension of interactivity and learning opportunities, which goes far beyond the capabilities of a smart white board.

The RP750K is a single 75 inch 4K display that is made specifically for the classroom. It is finished with a anti-glare coating that protects a comfortable viewing experience. It also has an embedded motion sensor to automatically eliminate flickering and filters blue right when movement is detected near the screen. The display also has a Germ-Resistant Screen that protects students and instructors from any bacteria that could form on the screen.

3 x USB Port at the front soundbar

The RP750K is made very useful not just because of its hardware capabilities. Together with it is a built in Android 5.1 operating system. With the EZWrite 4.0 application with handwriting recognition, as well as other features, such as video recording and Microsoft Office compatibility, the RP750K can be the essential tool for the best learning environment. The InstaQShare app also allows teacher and students to share information and collaborate on the fly through wireless mirroring between multiple display and devices.
The RP750K can also be treated like any other display with
3 x HDMI ports, 1 x DP port and 1 x VGA port

The latest BenQ RP750K will be available at a price of SGD9,999.

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