Connecting communities with OneMap IdeaWorks!

Singapore, 20 July 2017 The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has today announced the launch of “OneMap IdeaWorks!”. Bringing together technologists, data scientists and community organisations, the three-month campaign aims to foster co-development of geospatial solutions and analytics through the use of the new OneMap and open geospatial data, in support of the Smart Nation initiative.

2               “OneMap IdeaWorks! will build and strengthen the collaboration among different communities through the use of geospatial information science and technology,” says Mr Ng Siau Yong, Director of GeoSpatial and Data Division, SLA.

“We invite community organisations to share their challenges; the technology communities will put their innovative minds together to help tackle the challenges by making use of the new OneMap and open geospatial data.” Challenges could come from any or all of these areas: Community, social services, environment, health, transport and heritage.

3             SLA has engaged several community organisations, such as Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital and Singapore National Stroke Association, who have contributed challenge statements and hope to get ideas and solutions from the technology community. Mr Ng Herk Low, Assistant Chief Executive, SG Enable, an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities, says, “Information and technology play an important role in enabling persons with disabilities to lead independent lives. Through OneMap IdeaWorks!, we hope to see information on accessibility being readily provided to persons with disabilities and their caregivers, helping them to overcome challenges in navigation and route planning.”

4             Start-up groups and tertiary institutions such as NUS Enterprise, Nanyang Polytechnic and SMU Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC) have pledged their support to gather their students, technologists and data scientists to participate in the development of apps, solutions and analytics. Ms Jeanne Liew, Principal & CEO of Nanyang Polytechnic, says, “The long-standing relationship between NYP and SLA has seen the fruitful development of excellent geospatial capabilities. We are honoured that our students and lecturers are working on, and lending expertise to, such a national-scale project. This new OneMap IdeaWorks! project is set to yield excellent data and applications that can improve our lives, plus give communities the tools to connect better.”

5             To date, SLA has garnered 60 challenge statements from 19 community and public agency partners. Seven technology and content partners have pledged their support for OneMap IdeaWorks! Dr Chong Yoke Sin, Chief Enterprise Business

Group of StarHub Ltd, says, “StarHub is pleased to support the SLA as the key analytics partner for its OneMap Ideaworks! event. As a home grown company and leading telco data analytics provider, we are excited to help the local developers leverage analytics to build better apps and services for the benefit of the people and communities in Singapore.” “We are very encouraged by the good response and strong support,” added SLA’s Mr Ng, “it goes to show that our technologists and analysts are keen to put their skills and expertise to help the communities.”

6            OneMap IdeaWorks! will conclude on 12 October 2017 with a showcase of apps, solutions and analytics that solve the challenges of the community organisations. From now to then, OneMap IdeaWorks! partners will use the new OneMap Application Programming Interface (API) services, some 300 sets of open geospatial data and data provided by the content partners, and data from their own sources to develop apps, solutions and analytics.

7             The new OneMap is a mobile-centric platform offering location-based information and services for use by everyone. It has been built by SLA’s geospatial engineers based on open source technology as part of geospatial capacity building.

8             Community organisations, technologists and data scientists are welcome to visit to post challenge statements or register interest to develop solutions by 2 August 2017.

Fact Sheet – OneMap IdeaWorks!

About OneMap IdeaWorks!

1)    OneMap IdeaWorks! is a three-month campaign comprising a series of events as follows:

20 Jul 2017
IdeaWorks! Kick-off
Challenge statements contribution

Registration for technologists and data scientists.
02 Aug 2017
IdeaWorks! Meet up 1
Match making teams with challenge statements
21 Aug 2017
IdeaWorks! Tech
OneMap API, open source, geospatial training


11 Sep 2017
IdeaWorks! Meet up 2
Solutions preview
28-29 Sep 2017
IdeaWorks! Judging
Show and tell, judging
12 Oct 2017
IdeaWorks! Goal
Showcase all entries, prize presentation

2)      Contribution of challenge statements is open now till 2 August 2017.

3)      Registration of solution development is open now till 18 August 2017.

4)      Visit to participate. Participants are also able to interact and link up via the forum on the website.

5)      OneMap IdeaWorks! Partners

a. Community Partners

Asian Women Welfare Association (AWWA)

Causes for Animals

·  Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Nature Society

·  Pasir Ris-Punggol Grassroots

Singapore Children’s Society

Singapore Heart Foundation

Singapore Kindness Movement

·  Singapore National Stroke Association

·  Very Special Arts Singapore Ltd

b. Agency Partners

Ministry of Social and Family Development

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Law

·  National Council of Social Service

National Heritage Board

SG Enable

·  Infocomm Media Development Authority

Land Transport Authority

c. Technology &
NUS Enterprise
Analytics Partners
Nanyang Polytechnic

·  SMU Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC)

d. Content Partners
Starhub Ltd
Anonymised analytics


Planet Labs
Satellite Imagery

Geospatial training


Open source training

Location based events

and businesses

Street view photos

Geospatial training


6)       In addition to the content provided by the Content Partners, some 300 sets of open geospatial data will be provided for use in OneMap IdeaWorks!, These are broadly categorised into:

a.       Application Programming Interface (API) such as routing and base maps

b.       Data layers such as eldercare, childcare services and healthier eateries.

7)      Solutions can be developed in the form of mobile, web or analytics applications. The evaluation criteria include originality (30%), social impact (40%) and sustainability (30%).

8)      OneMap IdeaWorks! has two main tracks – the Open Category is open to the public, technologists and data scientists of all ages. The School Category is open to students ranging from secondary up to undergraduate levels. Prizes totaling more than S$10,000 will be awarded to the winning teams.

About the New OneMap

1.       OneMap is an integrated public map platform for government agencies to deliver location-based services and information. It is a multi-agency collaboration with many government agencies currently participating and contributing information. It is also used by the private sector and the community to create useful and value-added services.

2.       The new OneMap is a brand new platform developed using Open Source Technologies by an in-house team of developers in Singapore Land Authority, with new features such as Map Styles, Driving and Journey Planner and BusRouteExplorer among others. The current OneMap has been serving the public since 2010.

3.       The new OneMap provides the most detailed and accurate national map of Singapore, with services and content customised to the local context.

4.       The mobile application, OneMap, is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Features available in mobile app at Beta Launch:

a.       Map Styles – choose from four types of street maps to suit your preference

b.       Search – improved search engine which also stores your previous five search locations

c.       Driving and Journey Planner – get detailed step by step driving and public transport directions, with walking directions that provide the shortest, most sheltered and safe path

d.       Find Nearby – locate over 100 thematic information, such as AXS Stations, Hawker Centres, Kindergartens and CHAS Clinics within 2km of your current of specified location

e.       BusRouteExplorer – tap on any bus stop icon on the map to display bus arrival timings and bus service routes

f.        TrafficQuery – view live traffic conditions, traffic cameras and traffic incidents

g.       LandQuery – identify land ownership and land lot information

6)      A set of Application Programming Interface (API), such as base maps, address search, routing and reverse geocoding, is also available at for technologists and data scientists to leverage on to create map-based applications and services.

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