Get Even Review | An Amalgamation of Great Ideas

At first glance, Get Even seems to be like the typical First-Person Shooter (FPS) with a sprinkle of story here and there to keep the momentum going. However, the game uses a great mix of gameplay elements from various other genre, while keeping the focus on the story that it is trying to convey. Let us take a look at what makes Get Even unique!

Starting Off

Up front, the game starts players off in a cliché setting. You play as Black who woke up in an unknown area with amnesia. You are then thrust into a situation where you have to rescue someone, but with many questions in mind and no answers to them.

Despite the game's overused introduction, it spices things up with some horror elements. Maps littered with dark and cramped corridors, in addition to unnerving background music, gives off hair-raising vibes. Thankfully, the game is not overly reliant on actual jump scares, which would detract from the entire experience.


Now you must be thinking that Get Even is actually a horror game, just placed in a First-Person view, similarly to Outlast. Both games do provide players with a camera, while creeping the hell out of players. However, the camera that players are given in this game actually comes with many functions. It allows you to scan various plot related objects, which gives exposition that adds various context to the otherwise unknown setting.


Not to mention, it also comes with several other features such as UV light, thermal cameras and a map. These are used to solve the numerous puzzles that the players are presented at multiple points of the game.

Relax and Explore

Now the game is definitely a horror game, right? Puzzles are a key part of most horror games. But wait, there is more! Players will be able to travel into various 'memories', with the help of the 'Pandora' headset. These 'memories' are essentially various important events in the past, that are crucial in helping 'Black' recall his memory. This does sound like Assassin's Creed, does it?

Call of Shooty?

Each time you travel into the depths of Black's mind, you will be faced with various gunmen that will be in your way when finding the truth. Not to worry, you be equipped with a sick-looking weapon called the Corner Gun. This piece of tech allows players to see and shoot around corners! Additionally, attached on it is your trusty smartphone, which can 'matrix' in and out various objects that can act as covers. It also has some stealth elements, which is reminisce of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Although one complain would be that it does lag at times while using the Corner Gun, which cause the gun to be difficult to aim with.


What The Farm 51 Group S.A. created is an amalgamation of great elements from countless other genres. Get Even is an amazing game that provides players with a unique experience unlike no other.

+ No jump scares
+ Interesting use of its gadgets
+ Great mix of different genres
- Minor lag while using the Corner Gun

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