How to back-up your Facebook account

How to back-up your Facebook account

We live in a connected world, where we share aspects of our lives with others on a daily basis in the form of posts, pictures and comments on social media. 2017 saw more than 480-million new active users, a 21% increase over 2016, which brings the global total close to 2.8-billion users on social media. That’s a lot of photos of lunches, selfies, holiday photos, baby and pet videos and rants on the internet.

Amongst them Facebook is the clear leader, recently celebrating 2-billion users globally. If you combine the users from Instagram (700-million users), Twitter (328-million users) and LinkedIn (500-million users), you’d still have less users than Facebook. The Asia-Pacific region contributes more than 1.5-billion users, with South Korea leading the front with 83%, followed by Singapore at 77%, Hong Kong at 75%, Malaysia at 71%, Australia at 65% and the Philippines with 58% rounding off the top 5 countries with the highest social media penetration globally.

The Asia-Pacific region contributes more than 1.5-billion users, with South Korea leading the front with 83%, followed by Singapore at 77%, Hong Kong at 75%, Malaysia at 71%, Australia at 65% and the Philippines with 58%

We’ve heard stories in the news or from friends of social media accounts being hacked, and we feel confident that our passwords are strong enough, or that no hacker would be interested in hacking our Facebook accounts. But you’d be very surprised just how easy it is for anyone to actually guess your password.

Tell me if I’m getting warmer. Birth-dates, names of children, names of pets, an amalgamation of siblings / children’s names, favorite song title, favorite celebrity, the list goes on and on. What’s worse is that the majority of us actually use the same password for all our social media accounts, emails, blogs and, in the case of numeric passwords, ATM pin codes. If your password belongs to any of the categories I mentioned earlier, imagine how it would be for someone whose sole intent is to break into your account to do so with relative ease?

Social media influencers and brands that use Facebook to connect with their fans and users stand the most to lose if their account was hacked. If their social media accounts are compromised, it would mean restarting their entire social media identity, repopulating their account with content, and uploading hundreds or thousands of photos and albums all over again. That’s not only time-consuming, but also potential loss of income or revenue.

Do I have your attention now? Good. Because there are ways to make sure that your account is sufficiently protected against hackers.

Use a strong password
Use a mixture of upper and lower cases, numbers, and throw in a few symbols if your email service provider allows it in the address. You should also change / rotate your passwords at least once every 3 to 6-months, just to play it safe.

Use Facebook Login Approvals
In 2011, Facebook introduced Login Approvals, a two-factor authentication feature that sends you a notification on your smartphone if you or someone else is attempting to log-in to your account. If the log-in attempt was not by you, you can choose to deny access and change your password immediately. If the log-in attempt was requested by you, you will be presented with a numeric code, which you can use to gain access to your Facebook account.

Archive your Facebook data
Say for example you want to delete your account and start a new one, or simply because you wish to quit Facebook for good but wish to preserve your activities offline. Facebook has a way for you to do that too. Simply go to your Settings, followed by General Account Settings and click on Download a copy of my Facebook data, and then click on Start My Archive. This enables you to download your Facebook account and store it offline, hopefully somewhere safe. Thing is though, you will be downloading your entire Facebook account, currently this method doesn’t allow you to choose what specific data you wish to preserve, say for example photos and likes only, or starting from a specific time, say May 2016.

Social Networks Backup with Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation

Apart from backing up your data and preventing ransomware attacks, the Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation also features the Social Networks Backup for your Facebook account. 

1. Click on social networks

2. Enter your Facebook ID and password

3. You can choose what you wish to backup

4. Set-up schedule to backup your account

Once a backup schedule is set, Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation will perform backups of your account incrementally and automatically. So if your account was accidentally deleted, hacked, or if you wish to terminate your account, your Facebook data will always be up to date and safely kept in storage.

The Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is available now in Asia. 

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