ORII - The World’s First Voice-Powered Smart Ring Launches Today

ORII - The World’s First Voice-Powered Smart Ring Launches Today
Hong Kong-based start-up develops cutting-edge technology for a screen-free future

Revolutionising the wearable technology market is the world’s first voice-powered smart ring called ORII. Launching on Kickstarter at 8pm (EST) today, the ring turns the hand into a smartphone using cutting-edge bone conduction technology to transmit sound. Users can make calls, send messages, or command a voice assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant, by simply placing their fingertip to their ear. Founded by four Hong Kong-born university friends, the technology start-up is redefining how users interact with their smartphones, marking a notable shift away from a screen-based world.

The wearable technology market forecasts robust growth as consumers seek for easier, more functional and stylish ways to unlock the capabilities of their smartphones. According to a CCS Insight report, 2020 will see the market worth close to USD 34 billion. Taking connectivity to the next level, ORII represents a move towards voice based wearables that let users seamlessly communicate with their phones and intelligent voice assistants..

According to ORII CEO Kevin Johan Wong, ORII is designed to make lives simpler yet simultaneously more productive in an age where consumers are tied to their screens.

“Designed to become an integral part of your life, ORII paves the way for a more screen-free lifestyle while giving you instant on-the-go connection to your smart devices. Our inspiration came from my dad who has been visually impaired from a young age. He set out to develop voice and text-based technology to help others like him and is a pioneer in his field with eight patents under his name. Integrating the same technology used in hearing aids, ORII uses bone conduction to send sound discreetly to your ear, creating a device which allows freedom from screen-based interaction.”

Recognised by Hong Kong Business Magazine as one of Hong Kong’s top 10 Hottest Startups in 2017, ORII represents the city’s rising talented generation of innovators, signaling the next wave of unique hardware products coming out of Asia for a global audience.

How does ORII work?

             Bone conduction: used in medical-grade hearing devices, ORII’s bone conduction technology delivers clear audio with complete privacy by sending sound vibrations through the finger and directly into the wearer’s ear.
             Enabled by Siri/Google Assistant: ORII has dual noise cancelling microphones that lets wearers make calls, send messages and access Siri or Google Assistant without needing to take out their phones.
             Built for everyday life: ORII’s sleek ring design is engineered to be comfortably worn on the hand all day for instant access to Siri or Google Assistant, and seamless on-the-go connectivity.

‘Congratulations to Origami Labs team on the success launch of ORII Ring. Seeing our start-ups achieving each milestone along their entrepreneurial journey is the greatest return to Cyberport’s efforts in igniting innovation and nurturing digital tech entrepreneurs. We are happy to witness the development of ORII Ring, which is a true demonstration of how technology is bringing a positive impact to our lives.’ Herman Lam, CEO of Cyberport.

About ORII
ORII has been developed by Origami Labs, a maker of connected devices that uses creatively applied technology to improve daily life. Taking inspiration from accessibility design, Origami Labs builds voice-enabled hardware to transform the way consumers communicate with today’s electronic and smart devices. ORII is company’s first product, the world’s first voice-powered smart ring that uses bone conduction technology to turn the finger into a smartphone. By connecting to an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, ORII enables instant on-the-go access to intelligent voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant. Users can take calls, send and receive messages or add an event to their calendars without touching their phone. With the ORII app, users can set custom alerts using LED lights and vibrations.

Origami Labs was founded by four Hong Kong University of Science and Technology MBA students in November 2015. Kevin Johan Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of Origami Labs, leads the team's innovation, investor outreach and R&D. Having grown up with a visually impaired father who devoted his career to voice and text-based technology, Kevin was inspired to develop the world’s first voice-powered smart ring for a screen-free lifestyle.

Connect with ORII:
Website:         http://orii.io/
Twitter:           https://twitter.com/oriiofficial

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