SilverStone's new cases showcased at COMPUTEX 2017! PM-2, RL06-G, RL07, KL08, LD02, FTZ02, RVZ03 and MORE!

SilverStone is well known for their high quality and sturdy desktop cases. We have tested quite a number of SilverStone cases in the past, and felt that SilverStone cases are generally a joy to work with. Instead of funky designs, SilverStone cases are considered to be more refined and minimalist. Therefore, they appeal to many system builders who are seeking for something different from mainstream case designs. 

At COMPUTEX 2017, they showcased some of the latest desktop chassis prototypes that will eventually be available in the market later in the year, or in 2018. Here's what to look out for!

Mid Tower ATX Cases

It seems that this is a year where tempered glass is starting to become a norm. First up, the new PM02 has got quite a facelift from its predecessor, the PM01. The front is now flushed straight down while having specially styled holes for airflow into the case. Behind this front panel are RGB fans, which can actually be controlled with a IR remote! This new front design actually fits quite well with its new tempered glass side panel. However, some may not be accept this new design due to its bold new style of the front. 

We were extremely excited to see the RL06 getting refreshed with a darkened tempered glass edition. After the review of the RL06-PRO we were convinced that this pretty case was sure to be very popular with system builders who are very particular with cable management, as it features great cable management features. With the new RL06-G, the side tempered glass adds another layer of beauty to the whole build.

The next generation of the RL series was also shown at COMPUTEX 2017. The RL07 spots a unique front panel design, which is somewhat futuristic looking. These new cases are also equipped with a tempered glass side panel, which integrates seamlessly into the whole design of the case (unlike the RL06 which looks kind of unnatural)

The new KL08 case may look extremely simple in the photo below, but when it is powered on, it exudes a whole new level of sleekness. The cuttings from the front panel have LED lights hidden within, allowing the colours of these lights to flow through the whole front. The KL08 also features a tempered glass too.

Time to go lucid with the new LUCID line of cases from SilverStone. The LD02 is case that is made completely from a different kind of material (acrylic), which is transparent and tinted. This brings out a unique feel to shiny RGB builds. The bright and distracting lights will be toned down significantly. However, we did take note that this new build could likely be easily stained with fingerprints. 

The new LUCID series cases are said to be a very affordable as well. 

The KL07 on the other hand is one serious looking case. It has got the a very minimal and simple design, making it a great choice as a case for businesses. There are no RGB lights or any sort of window on this case. It should also appeal a lot for those looking for a case that will fit well into a minimalist themed workspace.

Small Form Factor Mini-ITX Cases

The LD02 also comes in a Mini-ITX version. Named LD01, this new case is designed more like a cube than an actual tower. It is able to support CPU coolers of up to 6cm, and is a great addition to new high end Mini-ITX systems that demands good airflow for optimal cooling. 

The new FTZ02 is a new case made for powerful small form factor computers. The main concept of this new case is to allow the hardware to be showcased through the top window. This case also supports a PCI-e riser, that places the graphics card flat on the motherboard tray, thus enhancing the air flow intake from the top of the case into the graphics card. The small footprint and slim profile of this case makes it a good choice for builders who are limited with workstation space.

The popular RAVEN ITX series is finally in its third revision! The new RVZ03 is now equipped with a beautiful RGB lit front panel. It still has got all the accents of the standard RAVEN series, and great cooling options as well. Gamers looking for a new Mini-ITX build should definitely look out for the upcoming RVZ03 and the different high end features that it offers!

These are the new cases that we have spotted at SilverStone's booth at COMPUTEX 2017! We are definitely looking forward to their actual versions that will be released into the market, and will be excited to review any of these new cases. Do keep a look out for them!

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