Review of the AORUS X5V7 Gaming Notebook

Review of the AORUS X5V7 Gaming Notebook

What comes into your mind when you think about today’s gaming notebooks? Big and bulky machines with fancy design and RGB lights? Do outrageously large water-cooled notebook computers ring a bell? With a large focus and investment put into gaming geared products, AORUS is going to change the way you think about gaming machines. With AORUS 's laptop division sole focus on powerful gaming notebooks, they would have the expertise in this area. Today, we are going to take a look at the latest AORUS X5V7 Gaming notebook to find out the different kinds of innovations and considerations that have been placed in this special piece of hardware.


The AORUS X5V7 is a 15.6-inch gaming notebook that is that is designed to perform. It is one of the most powerful gaming notebook that we have encountered thus far, and differentiates itself from the rest with its size. Even though it is not equipped with the latest NVIDIA MAX-Q GTX 1070, it still managed to maintain a rather slim profile as compared to other gaming notebooks in the same class. The full NVIDIA GTX1070 is also expected to perform very well.

The AORUS screams “high-end” everywhere. For the best possible gaming experience, it is equipped with a 4K display panel that supports NVIDIA G-SYNC. It also comes with a powerful Intel Core i7 7820HQ Kaby Lake based processor. This is a full quad core processor that also supports hyper threading. It is even comparable to a standard desktop processor. Of course, the system that we have for review also comes with an abundance* of 32GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD worth of storage space. Even though we are just simply touching the surface on its specifications, the combination of a good CPU, lots of RAM, fast storage, powerful graphics card and great displays can already tell us what to expect when we play games on it. Let’s looks at the various tests to find out more!

(* Maximum support for 16G * 4,64 GB RAM. Supports 1 x 2.5” HDD/2.5“ SSD and 2 x M.2 SSD slots, maximum 4 TB)

I/O and Design

The AORUS X5V7 is a beaut. Weighing only at 2.5KG, it is one of the lightest gaming laptops out in the market that features a powerful NVIDIA GTX 1070 dedicated graphics card. It also looks much slimmer than typical laptops. Like many other gaming laptops, the AORUS X5V7 comes in a black matt finish, which complements really well with its RGB lightings. 

On the left, there is a mini display port, a thunderbolt port, a USB 3.1 Type-C port and headphones and microphone jacks.

At the back, we can see the DC-IN, 2 x USB 3.1 ports and a single Gigabit LAN port.

Lastly, on the right, we have a multi-card reader, another 2 x USB 3.1 ports and a single HDMI out port.

Thermal Design

The AORUS X5V7 is designed for efficient dissipation of heat. With a negative pressure airflow design, the air is taken from the front of the chassis, which flows through the rest of all the other components to reach the main heatsinks of the CPU and graphics card. Two fans at the rear of the notebook then exhaust all the air that is pulled in. The design of putting the actual chips away from the palm rest and allowing the hot air to be removed through the back ensures that users will not feel the heat directly when gaming or doing some heavy computational tasks. However, it must be taken note that despite it being very effective, the small fans on the X5V7 is clearly audible, and may be disruptive while gaming.

Thermal tests

We performed different temperature tests on the gaming notebook to determine the effectiveness of its cooling solution. We took temperatures at the different areas of the notebook that could be in contact with your hands during usage. We also measured the software recorded CPU and GPU temperatures of the system during both idle and gaming situations.

Idle temperatures

Load temperatures
As expected, the thermal dissipation system of the AORUS X5V7 performs rather well. At the wrist rest area, the temperature recorded on load was about the human body’s temperature. This means that gamers will be able to safely rest their wrists on top without feeling any discomfort. As we moved nearer to the GPU and CPU chips, the temperatures increased. Even though actual temperatures recorded by the software was much higher, the external temperatures were significantly lower, as they were well dissipated away and shielded from the user.

Gaming Experience


With a high 4K resolution display, there is a need to have an accurate and sensitive trackpad to properly control the unit. We can only say that the AORUS X5V7 did this adequately well, as the trackpad is just responsiveness enough for everyday use. The smooth surface on the trackpad also improves the overall maneuverability of the cursor.

Keyboard and Typing

It was a pleasure to type on the AORUS X5V7. The key travel on each key was longer than usual laptops, giving gamers higher sensitivity and discreet actions to their games. The keys are also RGB lit. Each key has an individually backlit RGB, while customizations of the effects can be done via the AORUS FUSION software that is preinstalled on the system. However, we thought that such features could be probably eliminated, as it serves no other purpose other than being fancy. A single colored LED backlight could have served the same functions as well. That is why, out of the 13 predetermined lighting effects on the keyboard, we preferred the most basic – Fade on Keypress.

X-Rite Pantone Certified Display

Every single feature on the AORUS X5V7 has got something worth talking about. has certainly put a lot of effort into designing and building the whole unit, as there is simply so much happening on it. The display panel on this unit has been properly X-Rite Pantone certified. In other sense, this gaming laptop will also be an excellent choice for creative professionals as the colours on the display is expected to be more accurate than any other display colour profiles. For gamers, this also means that they will be viewing the colours on the games as what their developers and designers intended them to be.

Audio Experience

We were simply impressed with the speakers on the AORUS X5V7! has fully understood that an audio and speaker quality largely affects the overall gaming experience. Therefore, they have put in an additional effort to include great sounding speakers on the unit. In our own game tests, we could distinctly hear the different sound effects. The placement of the speaker drivers was precise, and the gamer sitting in front will be able to fully immersive himself/herself. We could determine the left and right channels coming from our games. This is especially useful for games like FPS, where it is vital to know where your opponents are.

AORUS has also included the AORUS Audio Equalizer application to allow the user to switch between different situational audio modes.

Not to mention, the AORUS X5V7 is also equipped with the premium ESS Sabre Hi-Fi audio DAC to properly power high-end headsets. The ESS DAC can produce sounds at 24bit/192kHz, ensuring extreme audio details and accurate digital to analogue signal conversions.


AORUS X5V7 is equipped with the popular Killer LAN and Killer Wireless AC modules for the best possible gaming and lag-free experience. The Killer Control Center software can also customize the network priority of each packet accordingly. For example, if you are in game, you can simply prioritize all gaming packets to reduce the latency of the packets through your network.

The AORUS X5V7 allows a small degree of overclocking on it via the Command and Control software. The CPU can be overclocked from its stock 3.9GHz all the way to 4.3GHz, while the GPU can be overclocked from its stock 1442MHz to 1542MHz. The software is also very easy to use, and the clocks can easily and safely be reached without much effort. We will find out the performance increase with overclocking in the tests below.


Of course, we are going to test the AORUS X5V7 with games running with 4K resolutions. Is this gaming machine good enough to lift the weights of games running at 4K resolution? All tests are done with a CPU that is overclocked to 4.1GHz.

GPU Settings : 4K/1440P, Preset:High

GPU Settings : 4K/1440P, Preset:Maximum

GPU Settings : 4K/1440P, Preset:Maximum

Based on our tests, the GTX 1070 could produce comparatively good results at 4K resolutions. However, the results have shown us that the framerate fall shy of the expected 60FPS. Thankfully, with the GSYNC compatible display, the negative effects of low refresh rates where reduced. This technology was seen to have successfully reduced tear, stutter and display lags. It is however, still recommended to run games at a lower resolution, such as 1440p, for an overall better experience.

The Intel Core i7-7820HK promises much better performance as a lower-end i7 7700HQ that is also found in many gaming laptops. In this case, the i7-7820HK can even be overclocked to a higher frequency to reach better performance.

We always think that the speed of the storage device can solely determine the actual responsiveness of the system. By having an PCIe NVMe based SSD in this gaming machine, the system was simply snappy. Starting up and shutting down was achieved in matter of seconds, and opening of applications was extremely quick. Of course, as SSD space could be limited, the unit also comes with an additional 1TB of Hard Drive space for data storage.


The AORUS X5V7 performs well in every single aspect that matters to gaming. It has got powerful hardware capable of smooth framerates, a great sharp and accurate 4K display, awesome audio performance and superb keyboard. These sums up to a close to perfect gaming machine for the best possible gaming experience. Moreover, the whole package is also very portable as it weighs only 2.5KG! If you are looking at a premium gaming machine that gives you the confidence in your games, the AORUS X5V7 is a compelling choice.

Factor Description Score
Innovation - Includes simple to use overclocking software (CPU and GPU) 7/10
Design - One of the lightest gaming notebooks of its class (2.5kg)
- Great thermal design that keeps the heat away from the user
- Above average touchpad
- Great typing experience with longer-than-typical key travel
Value - Good amount of I/O ports
- X-Rite Pantone Certified Display
- Sharp 4k + G-SYNC display
Performance - Comes with Nvidia's GTX 1070 and Intel's Core i7-7820HK
- 4k gaming falls short of 60 fps but is adequate enough for 1440p resolution
- Amazing storage speeds with PCIe NVMe based SSD
Final Score

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