Garmin® introduces three new additions to their cycling range that enable cyclists to ride with confidence

Garmin® introduces three new additions to their cycling range that enable cyclists to ride with confidence

Cyclists can train better with improved navigation, performance and safety features

Singapore, 11 October 2017 – Cycling enthusiasts who are keen to improve their training performance would be thrilled by the latest products added to Garmin’s cycling range – the Edge 1030, Vector 3/3S and Varia UT 800. These latest products are engineered to assist cyclists with enhanced navigation, performance and cycling awareness, the newest additions syncs with Garmin’s Connect IQ app to help cyclists train more effectively. 

Edge 1030 – high-end GPS bike computer with enhanced navigation, performance and safety features 
The Edge 1030, a high-end cycling computer featuring a 3.5-inch high resolution, capacitive touch panel display is designed to combine enhanced navigation, performance and cycling awareness into a lightweight design with the new Trendline™ popularity routing or Garmin Cycle Maps that feature turn-by-turn directions for all terrains, cyclists can ride on the best on and off-road routes with greater confidence.

While out for a ride, the Edge 1030’s smart connectivity features mean cyclists won’t have to reach for their phone. New rider-to-rider messaging[i] lets cyclists send prewritten messages directly from their Edge 1030 to other riders using the Edge 1030. Cyclists can also view and respond to missed calls or texts[ii] with prewritten replies. Built-in incident detection[iii] will automatically send a cyclist’s location to emergency contacts if they run into trouble, while GroupTrack[iv] and LiveTrack[v] let friends, family and other cyclists keep track of a rider’s location in real time.

Vector 3/3S pedal-based power meter for smarter and more structured training 
With an enhanced design, the new Vector 3/3S is unlike previous versions of Garmin Vector power meters. It does not have a pod and installs like any other pedal, making it easy to transfer from one bike to another without professional assistance. Once installed, the dual-sensing Vector 3 measures total power, left-right balance, cadence and advanced cycling dynamics while the single-sensing Vector 3S reports cadence and total power.

With the Vector 3 dual-sensing pedal-based power meter, cyclists have the ability to see right and left leg power independently. The Vector 3 tracks Seating/Standing Position to determine when and how long cyclists are in each so they can gauge position effectiveness, while Power Phases show how riders are currently producing power with every pedal stroke, and Platform Center Offset helps determine where power is applied on the pedal, ensuring proper cleat position.

The affordable, single-sensing Vector 3S uses the forces detected on the left pedal to measure cadence and approximate total power, and can easily be upgraded later to the dual-sensing system.

Varia UT800 smart headlights designed for urban and trail use
Helping to create a safer cycling environment, the Varia UT800 high-intensity smart cycling headlight for urban and trail use projects a steady 800 lumens and automatically adjusts its beam intensity to changing light conditions, the cyclist’s speed and ride profile[vi] to extend battery life. Featuring five light modes – high, medium, low, night flash and day flash, at full power, the Varia UT800 is visible in daylight from more than one mile away.
Fully integrated Garmin cycling ecosystem for improved performance training
The Vector 3/3S, Varia UT800 Smart Headlight and the Edge 1030 allows for more structured training by pairing with power-based training systems like TrainerRoad, Zwift and more, but they will also gain access to compatible 3rd party training platforms including Strava and TrainingPeaks™. Meanwhile, Bluetooth® technology allows post-ride analysis, data sharing, mapping, route planning and more to be integrated into training through Garmin Connect™ and the new Strava Routes Connect IQ app. Cyclists can join the Garmin online community to connect and compete by joining challenges, encourage each other’s successes and share their triumphs via social media.

Installed on the Edge 1030, the new TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app puts daily workouts right on the Edge device. It guides cyclists through a workout in real time – complete with intensity targets and interval durations. After a workout, syncing to TrainingPeaks will provide cyclists with a detailed analysis of their ride, as well as the ability to measure progress toward their goals.

Linking the Best Bike Split Race Sync app with an Edge 1030 means cyclists will have all their current race plans available at their fingertips. Best Bike Split allows riders to see how changes in weight, power and drag affect their goal race time, while helping to create the perfect power plan for race day.

Built for longer training rides
The Edge 1030 works with the new flush mount, keeping the device in line with the handlebars – not above them – giving it a lower profile. Featuring up to 20 hours of battery life[vii], the Edge 1030 is compatible with the new Garmin Charge™ integrated battery pack accessory for in-ride charging and power, giving riders an additional 24 hours to finish even on the longest of rides. The Vector 3/3S allows up to 120 hours of battery life and the Varia UT800 projects a steady 800 lumens for up to 1.5 hours so you can ride longer without worrying about running out of battery.

Pricing and availability
The Edge 1030 has a suggested retail price of SGD 899 and a bundle option, which includes a premium heart rate monitor as well as cadence and speed sensors, has a suggested retail price of SGD 1,099.

The suggested retail pricing for Varia UT800, Vector 3/3S and the optional Vector 3S upgrade pedal will be available at a later date.

These latest additions can be purchased from specialised bike shops including Hup Leong, Velo Velo, Bikes n Bites, T3 Bicycle Gears, New Era Cycle and Tay Junction from October 2017.

[i] When paired with a compatible smartphone; see
[ii] Available on Android™ only
[iii] When paired with a compatible smartphone; primarily designed for road cycling use
[iv] When paired with a compatible smartphone; GroupTrack can track up to 50 riders
[v] When paired with a compatible smartphone; see
[vi] When paired with compatible Edge devices.
[vii] Battery life may vary depending on usage

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