Unboxing The Huawei Mate 10 | Fully Featured

Lucky for us, we managed to get our hands on Huawei's Mate 10 for a short period of time. Let us take a look at what the Mate 10 has to offer in our simple unboxing experience!

First and foremost, the Leica branded logo is right at the front for all to see. It can be said that Huawei's smartphones have been boosted with the partnership with Leica! Although... not much has been mentioned during their launch of the Mate 10.

The Device

Opening up the front cover reveals the Mate 10 in all its glory - clean and sleek. It even comes with a free and perfectly pre-installed screen protector!

Taking a look at the back, we can see a plastic slip protecting the back. It comes with several simple instructions for getting started with your very own Mate 10.

Removing the plastic slip reveals a gorgeous and luxurious-looking glass back. Not forgetting their Signature Stripe which glistens under any lighting.

Its 3D curved design not only looks great, it also helps make the device easier to grip (for the tiny hands).


Now onto the accessories!

It comes with their in-house SuperCharger which has an output of 5V/2A, 4.5V/5A or 5V/4.5A. With their proprietary charging technology, it boosts faster charging while staying cool as compared to competing standards. *cough QuickCharge cough*

What makes the Mate 10's accessories special is the inclusion of a free clear case, in addition to the pre-installed screen protector mentioned above. Now you do not have to worry about dropping your phone before you buy a case.

As seen below, the accessories that came with the Mate 10 is fully featured! Kudos to Huawei for providing such an experience to the consumer.

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