Unboxing The Huawei Mate 10 Pro | Unveiling The Beauty

Thanks to Huawei, we got our hands on one unit of the Mate 10 Pro! Let us start off with an unboxing to see what the flagship device has to offer when you first buy the device. To begin with, the entirety of the box is exactly the same as the one that houses the Mate 10. This includes the Leica logo as well as the striped finish, that is clear up close.

The Device

Opening up the front cover reveals the Mate 10 Pro in Mocha Brown! This is my favorite color of the entire selection as it provides a luxurious feel to the phone without associating gender to it - unlike the iPhone's Rose Gold.

Taking a look at the front and back, the smartphone comes with a free screen protector as well as an identical plastic cover on the back. All of which are identical with the Mate 10.

[Insert Obligatory Peeling of Plastic]

Once the plastic film is removed from the back of the Mate 10 Pro, the stunning Gorilla Glass back is revealed. With its 3D curved design, the reflection off its back is simply stunning.

Just to double confirm the headphone jack situation, we took a closer look to the top of the Mate 10 Pro. Alas, the rumors were true, there is really no headphone jack.


Now onto the accessories!

It comes with their in-house SuperCharger which has an output of 5V/2A, 4.5V/5A or 5V/4.5A. With their proprietary charging technology, it boosts faster charging while staying cool as compared to competing standards. *cough QuickCharge cough*

The earphones that came with the device has a Type-C jack. Although this would not solve the issue of lack of headphone jack, it is still a welcoming sight.

What makes the Mate 10 Pro's accessories special is the inclusion of a free clear case, in addition to the pre-installed screen protector mentioned above. Now you do not have to worry about dropping your phone before you buy a case.

Almost There

As you can see, the accessories that came with the device are sufficient for the majority of the consumer.

Sadly, due to the move to USB Type-C and the removal of the headphone jack, there are those who would need a 3.5mm to Type-C adapter for their headphones. And as such, the accessory that is many would need is sorely missing.

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