Why Using Free Data Recovery Software Can Be A Gamble

“Hard Drive” by William Warby is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The biggest threat that any avid computer user fears is the major loss of data. There are a lot of programs that offer their own blend of methods to recover deleted files. A simple search on the Internet will result in countless free programs promising to get the job done. However, free data recovery software is usually a blessing in disguise, and can cause users to end up losing much more than initially did. In some cases, the losses may be as simple as a folder of audio files. In other more tragic cases, the losses could be as valuable as confidential documents or programs that can threaten your career. One example would be the loss of a billion-dollar contract. In such cases, the victim would try anything and everything so as to recover the data.

Is It Worth It?

Well, the internet nowadays is cluttered with lots of software and applications that pose as file recovery applications. These applications in many cases are malicious, with users downloading them and ending up creating a backdoor into their system. Aforementioned viruses would extract their personal and sensitive information. On the other hand, paid programs are quite expensive and not easily affordable by many. Not to mention, not many people put faith in such applications to get the job done. Some also believe that said applications can cause harm to their personal computers.

Possible Reasons of Data Loss:

There are many reasons for data loss, some of them are:
•    Careless handling of the laptop/computer, i.e. dropping it and causing physical damage to the hard drive
•    If any spillage occurs on the unit, there are chances that the liquid can cause a short circuit and damage the hard drive
•    Fluctuations in the electric supply can also cause disruptions in the internals of the personal computer. This can cause issues in the hard drive, which causes data to be corrupted and even lost.
•    Accidental deletion of the data.
•    Accidentally formatting without first doing a backup, can also result in data loss.
•    A virus attack can cause data loss or distortion.

Recommendation: Ease US Data Recovery

It’s a free data recovery software and a perfect option if you are looking to recover your data in its original form. The software is straightforward to use, and the easy prompts helps users to recover their data without any guidance. The data can be retrieved from digital cameras, laptops, memory card, USB, and most importantly your PCs.

The software needs to be downloaded and launched on the device that requires data recovery. Once the program launches, you can type the name of the document or the files that you have lost and Ease US Data Recovery can perform a scan on your system. Once the scan completes, the data that is recoverable can be save in your desired folder.

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