Cygnett launches latest range of battery charging solutions

Australian technology company, Cygnett, today announced the availability of their latest range of battery charging solutions, dedicated to both wired and wireless charging.

Cygnett USB-C 20K ChargeUp Pro Power Bank

Introducing the latest and most advanced power bank from Cygnett to date, the Cygnett USB-C 20K ChargeUp Pro Power Bank boasts an impressive 45W USB-C output, with the capability to power a laptop, allowing users to easily and safely charge up on the go.

With the latest in charging and data transfer technology, this new Cygnett power bank automatically detects the device it has been plugged in to and delivers the exact amount of power required, enabling quick and safe charging for users. Providing up to 75% faster charging for Qualcomm compatible smartphones, the Cygnett USB-C 20K ChargeUp Pro Power Bank utilizes 20,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery technology to ensure that devices are constantly juiced up wherever they are.

Cygnett PowerBase Wireless Desk Charger

The Cygnett PowerBase Wireless Desk Charger promises to rid users’ tables of the clutter of messy cables and adaptors. Providing a compact, convenient and fast charging solution, the wireless desk charger features the latest in fast charging wireless technology, allowing users to quickly charge their devices whether they’re at home, at work or on a holiday.

Equipped with an anti-slip surface to ensure the device stays in place, users simply need to place their device on the surface to begin charging. The LED light indicator on the wireless charging pad will alert users if their device is incorrectly aligned with the charging pad, allowing them to maximise their charging time and the overall efficiency of the charging process.

Cygnett MagMount Qi Wireless Car Charger

Users can now stay connected with Cygnett’s MagMount Qi Wireless Car Charger, simultaneously charging and mounting their devices in their vehicles whenever they’re on-the-go. Utilising the latest certified Qi 7.5W wireless charging technology, users can wirelessly charge their devices with less hassle as the wireless charger enables fast and convenient charging.

Equipped with a magnetic mounting system, users can be sure that the device fits securely to vehicle vents using a spring-loaded hold clip. This effortless on/off attachment is the perfect fit for any vehicle and with a strong magnetic hold, users need not worry about their mobile devices falling or dropping even when they’re traversing the bumpiest of terrains.

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