Logitech G POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System + G903 and G703 Review | Bringing The Best Of Both Worlds?

One Pad To Charge Them All

The LOGITECH G POWERPLAY is a gaming mouse pad with a unique ability that allows any compatible wireless mouse to charge just by being on its surface. How this wireless charging system works is by using an electromagnetic resonance technology to deliver power directly to Logitech's devices that has a detachable POWERCORE module. In terms of actual functionality, it is similar to the Qi wireless charger but for a computer mouse. And it actually makes sense! Not only will your mouse not leave the mouse pad, it can also double as a charging bay.

The LOGITECH POWERPLAY attempts to solve the numerous issues with wireless gaming. Input lag, running out of battery and losing wireless connection is a thing of the past, or so it claims. When it comes to keeping the mouse powered throughout the day, I found that it mostly works as intended. However, during long and intensive gaming sessions, the battery drops a significant amount. This can spell trouble for users who game in extremely lengthy sessions.

Not only is the wireless charging feature convenient, the pad itself is surprisingly thin (at 2mm) and portable. On that note, users should be extremely careful with the POWERPLAY as it seems be easily damaged if handled inappropriately.

When it comes to RGB customization options, Logitech's G POWERPLAY has got you covered. Using the downloadable Logitech Gaming Software, user can change and sync the color of the RGB lighting of the mouse as well as the pad itself.

Logitech G903 - One Mouse To Find Them

When it comes to the computer peripheral market, a computer mouse are usually designed for right-handers. As such, many left-handed folks have to go on a search to find a mouse that suits their usage. Being a mouse with a form factor that is suitable for ambidextrous users, the G903 has advantages over other mouse. One of them being the added side buttons (right and left), which are also customizable to the user's liking.

Most ambidextrous mice suffer from a "Jack of All Trades" syndrome. Their form factor is comfortable enough to be used, however, mouses that are tailored specifically to right/left-handers fits the hand much better.

One thing is for certain though, is that the position of the side buttons is well thought out. They are not in the way of your finger, giving you a nature spot to apply pressure on when moving the mouse around. This then prevents accidental setting off any unwanted button presses.

One of the more memorable aspect of the G903 is its tactile scroll wheel. Scrolling provides an audible feedback, think Cherry MX Blue Switches but for scrolling. This makes the mouse feel more responsive and crisp, even if it does not really affect the performance in any way.

For those that are often on the go, the G903 comes with its own wireless adapter for plug and play functionality. This removes the reliance over Bluetooth, that is arguably slower and less accurate than Logitech's LIGHTSPEED technology.

Logitech G703 - One Mouse To Bring Them All

The G703 brings familiarity to the table. It has a more ergonomical form factor for right-handers as compared to its bigger brother - G903 which sports an ambidextrous body. It is also closely similar to Razer's DeathAdder Elite, with the features roughly being the same with a couple of exceptions.

One major win is its wireless functionality, and wireless charging capability if paired with the POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System. Additionally, it also has an adjustable weight system that allows the user to tailor the mouse's weight according to their liking.

Too light? Attach the 10g removable weight included in the box.
Too heavy? Simple, remove it!

All the mouse mentioned also comes with an inbuilt memory, allowing your customization options to be brought around with the mouse itself. This is a great feature for those who often swap PCs.

Even though Logitech's LIGHTSPEED technology enabled responsive and mostly latency-free usage, there were still some hiccups. There were occasions where some input lag was encountered. With all things said, if wireless is not to your liking, a wired option is still available for both mice. A wired experience would still make sense for those who seek perfect accuracy and responsiveness. 

Be The Sam To My Frodo

The POWERPLAY is definitely a step in the right direction for gamers who are avid wireless mice users. It brings new life to wireless mice with its unique pairing of ideas. Getting rid of wires, while providing the benefits of a wired mouse is a bold yet rightful claim. The solution that Logitech brought to the market is miles better than any mouse bungee available.

All these features, however, does come at a premium. The Logitech G POWERPLAY itself is already priced at S$199, while the G903 and G703 comes at a combo of S$448 and S$358 respectively.

Innovation- Logitech POWERPLAY allows wireless charging while in use
- Removable weight module for customizable weight
- Tactile scrolling
- Onboard memory
Design- Ambidextrous design
- Side buttons are not in the way
- Clean and sleek look
Value- S$199 for a wireless charger can be hard to swallow
- Prices are steep, but are worth paying for the features
Performance- Extremely responsive and largely latency-free, with occasional hiccups
- Charging can be slower than how fast it drains, if used in lengthy and intensive gaming sessions
Final Score

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