Gintama Rumble First Impressions | A Touch of Chocolate Parfait and Strawberry Milk

As mentioned in one their earlier PVs, Gintama Rumble is the last game that is based off the Gintama animation. Who knows if they are serious this time (they always say that they are getting cancelled but end up not). But to go off with a bang, they decided to have the game be as faithful as possible with what makes Gintama epic - the intense battles (à la Dynasty Warriors).

More Than Just Dynasty Warrior

Coming from someone who does not enjoy the Dynasty Warrior series, Gintama Rumble manages to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting every once in a while. The game gives the player control over the major characters in the animation, each with their own set of attack animations and perks. With the task of fighting hordes of enemies, taking over objectives, and even taking out iconic bosses, the game does not overstay its welcome.

To start the singleplayer, simply select the story arc of choice and you are good to go. One clever decision that the game makes is in the display of the arcs that the player can choose. This will help avoid spoilers for players who have not caught up with the anime, like yours truly.

In terms of progression, players can improve their characters' stats for each increase in level, along with the unlocking of new arcs for each completed arc. Not to mention, cosmetic items will also be unlocked, reducing the repetitiveness in the game.

To spice the gameplay up, players can activate Awakening Gauge which provides a short boost in power, while giving the ability to activate Awakening Rumble - an ultimate attack. In addition to this, players will be shown a set of Original Finish Cut-ins with scenes and lines from the anime. 

Each map also has bonus objectives called Ginpachi that pop up randomly. This, along with mission-based achievements, breaks the monotony that is common in the Dynasty Warrior series.
Assist Characters in action
However, what makes the game befitting for the Gintama series is in the Special Skills. Each character has a set of unique skill, most of which has the Gintama charm. But I am reluctant to show the many that are available as it breaks the novelty, which the game thrives on.


For Gintama fans, and for those who do not mind the Dynasty Warrior styled gameplay, Gintama Rumble is a must have. Not only does it have Gintama's charm and quirkiness, the game is also pretty fun to play.

+ Has the Gintama charm
+ Manages to break the monotony once in awhile
+ Spoiler-free story arc menus
+ Characters with Ultimate Attacks (??)
= Some form of progression
= Dynasty Warrior styled gameplay

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