KaHa Introduces Next-Gen Smart Wearable OS at CES

KaHa Introduces Next-Gen Smart Wearable OS at CES

Unveils Innovative Features Powered by AI and Machine Learning Capability that Redefines Consumer Experience

Singapore / Las Vegas, January 10, 2018 – Safety Heat Maps, Safe Route Suggestions, Sleep Better and Stress Management: these are some of the smart wearable applications that are powered by AI and Machine Learning and showcased at CES 2018 by Singapore-based KaHa.

KaHa was founded in 2015, and has swiftly established itself as a serious player in the global IoT and smart wearables industry, offering proprietary, customizable, end-to-end smart wearable IT solutions, and is behind the most advanced wearables around the world. The company has also secured international investors including SPRINGS SEED Capital, and brands keen in bringing wearable tech to their consumers.

Today KaHa is participating in CES 2018 in Las Vegas, handpicked by IE Singapore as part of the national delegation, and exhibiting at CES’ flagship startup and innovation-centric venue Eureka Park. KaHa is unveiling its Smart Wearable Operating System which supports a range of technology verticals: Safety, Sports and Fitness, Health & Wellness, and Health, Convenience, Lifestyle, and Special Needs.

Through harnessing the capability of inbuilt AI and machine learning algorithms, KaHa smart wearables provide innovative consumer use cases and exciting user experiences. Highlights include:

Safety Heat Map KaHa’s AI Platform continuously analyzes more than 10 different parameters, producing a visualization of safe zones. The AI continuously analyzes and learns from safety-related incidents across locations and provides a ‘LIVE’ safety heat map.

A related and very useful safety feature is theSafe Route Suggestion - where the user can select their location and destination, and the AI provides real-time suggestions on routes and also ones to avoid (e.g. roads to avoid which are determined as unsafe at that moment).

Stress Management – The platform learns the individual user’s living patterns and bio-data such as their metabolism, and records a series of trackable parameters which are picked up by the smart wearable. Through machine learning and deep pattern matching algorithms, the data is paired with the wearable’s stress alerts feature, helping the user be more aware of their wellness - for instance detecting periods of heightened stress and guiding the user through breathing experience to regain their composure.

Sleep Better – By analyzing user groups of existing KaHa wearable users with deep learning and pattern matching algorithms, KaHa’s AI is able to provide insights on sleep quality and suggestions of improving your sleep. The AI also incorporates machine learning to measure efficacy of previous suggestions and further improve future suggestions.

Virtual Route demonstrates the smart socialization of augmented and virtual reality. Users are able to sync-up with their buddies in any part of the world, and go on virtual runs together, while still practicing their fitness regime at home.

Commenting on the release, Pawan Gandhi, CEO and founder of KaHa, said, “Right from the beginning, we consciously knew our purpose has been to provide a new take on smart wearable technology. We use technology to help consumers in their everyday lives, and ultimately redefine the consumer experience and journey. Our AI and Machine Learning-led products will make wearables truly smart, provide personalized experience, and are easily adopted by fashion and luxury brands to suit their consumers’ tastes.”

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About KaHa
KaHa is a unique patented smart wearable platform architecture company that licenses its technology under the COVE brand - 'Powered by COVE’; and COVENET is its unique social network that helps to scale the services and user interaction. The company's leadership team is passionate about the consumer journey, and the platforms have been developed to achieve rapid innovation and learning through data analytics to provide innovative use cases and exciting user experiences. The platforms include electronics design, printed circuit board assembly, application framework for iOS and Android, cloud services, data analytics and smart after-sales service tool. This makes the COVE and COVENET, platforms a one-stop solution for large brands to bring exciting smart wearables to their customers.

The platforms enable several services verticals to be incorporated into smart wearables. These consumer verticals are Safety, Sports & Fitness, Health & Wellness, Convenience, Lifestyle, and Special Needs. The company also has intellectual properties in Smart Analogue watches, making it one of the most unique offerings in the fast-growing wearables market.

For more information, please visit www.coveiot.com

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