oBike Introduces oBike Flash, A Two-Hour Guaranteed Crowdsourced Delivery Service

oBike Introduces oBike Flash, A Two-Hour Guaranteed Crowdsourced Delivery Service

Singapore, 15 January 2018 – oBike, Singapore’s first homegrown bikesharing operator, today announced the launch of its new venture. Called oBike Flash, it offers on-demand guaranteed 2-hour delivery service, from pick up to anywhere across the island. oBike Flash delivers anything that ranges from documents to small packages to food, and can be accessed via the existing oBike application.

In line with its startup nature, oBike Flash promises agile, speedy service, while keeping prices competitive. Delivery prices start from an affordable flat rate of $10 within a radius up to five kilometres (km), with a surcharge of $0.30/ km thereafter up to 10km, and $0.50/ km between 10.1km to 20km. The maximum weight of the item should not exceed 10 kilogrammes. Users can even request for a delivery at night. However, there will be an additional charge at 1.5 times the usual rate for deliveries made between 2300hrs to 0700hrs.

New users can download the oBike Singapore application, while existing users simply need to update their oBike app to view the oBike Flash tab. No deposit is required to use the service; however, users will need a credit or debit card to pay for the service. To start using the service, senders can fill in a simple online form with delivery details via the app. Once an order is placed, any delivery person can bid to accept the order based on the proximity of the pick-up location. The sender, delivery person and recipient will each receive a code and when all parties have entered their codes respectively, the order is complete.

Interested parties who wish to join as oBike Flashman, can download the oBike Flashman app and register as one. All applicants will be individually vetted and certified. A certified oBike Flashman will start receiving notifications from the app if he is in the vicinity within the pick-up location. An oBike Flashman stands to earn 100% per delivery trip

Mr Tim Phang, General Manager of oBike Singapore, expressed, “At oBike, we embrace the notion of a sharing economy, that was why we decided to launch oBike Flash. oBike Flash works based on a crowdsourcing approach, harnessing the availability of our existing manpower that can be located across the island. And because we screen all our candidates prior to putting them on our list of elite Flashmen, customers can be assured that their deliveries will be safe, secure and fast!”


About oBike

oBike is a station-less bike sharing platform, providing a hassle free, more sustainable, healthy, tech-friendly, and economic mode of transport. Founded in Singapore in January 2017, oBike was Southeast Asia’s first smart station-less bike-sharing company.

Currently operating in over 60 cities across 17 countries, oBike aims to become the next generation transportation company designed for the urban leisure cyclists and first and last mile commuter. oBike's mission is to make environmentally friendly transportation affordable, available and accessible by everyone and everywhere.  

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