"Super Robot Wars X" Introduces Their In-Game System With Screenshots

Skill Tree, Skill Program, Factory

Leading anime video game developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia today shares new information on game system in the upcoming Super Robot Wars X for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita releasing for both physical and digital platforms. The game will be released in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia) on 26th April 2017, in Japanese voice-over with English subtitles. New battle screenshots will also be revealed in this press release.

System Introduction(Skill Tree, Skill Program, Factory)

Here, we will give a brief introduction on the various skill systems within the game, including how to use TacP (TacPoints) during Intermissions, and how to buy and sell power parts in game.

Skill Tree

In the world of Super Robot Wars X player can acquire TacP (Tactical Points). These could be used to enhance pilot abilities or learn new skills by developing each individual in Skill Tree and equipping them in Skill Program.

TacP is acquired by defeating enemies in battle. These points are shared universally among all playable characters including funds earned as well. In other words, you do not have to worry about having to train each pilot individually to acquire TacP required for upgrades.

Learning Specials within Intermission provide your characters an edge in battle. These could be learned via the Special Skill PG in Skill Tree.

However, not all Specials are available initially. Start from the top left corner of the screen and use your TacP to unlock the first special, Potential which branches out to other Specials making them available for further development. (Grayed out Specials shown in the screenshot are undeveloped)

Once a Special has been developed, any pilot of your choice would be able to learn it by using TacP.

Skill Program

All Specials developed from the Skill Tree can be learned by any pilot of your choice within the Intermission. Simply select Learn Skill from Skill Program from the Intermission. Each pilot can learn up to a maximum of 30 Specials.

As shown in the screenshot, pre-existing Special such as Blue Water's Blessing however are exclusive to that pilot and is neither available for development in skill routes nor be learned by other pilots. Several of such Special exist within the game and you can filter them accordingly from the skills list.


Factory: Magic Customization
Magic Customization is a feature than can be accessed under Factory in the Intermission menu. Learning Specials with TacP increases your Magic Customize Grade which provide effects and bonuses that affect your entire squadron with each Grade level.

In Magic Customization You can upgrade your Grade up to 6 times from 0 – 6. Grade 0 (default) does not give any effects. These effects and bonuses are only available from Grade 1 and above.

Each GRADE allows you to select one of 3 effects, however do note that these effects cannot be changed after it has been activated, so do choose wisely.

Factory: Buy

In the Buy option under Factory, you can use the TacP acquired from battle to purchase power parts.

Purchasable Power Parts will be unlocked after clearing certain conditions. Recommended Power Parts vary across Scenario. You may choose to sell Power Parts and receive TacP in return.

Battle Scene

Series (Ally): Buddy Complex
Weapon (Ally): High-Maneuver Assault

Series (Ally): Mashin Hero Wataru
Weapon (Ally): Tsurugibe-To & Katanabe-To

Series (Ally): Mashin Hero Wataru
Weapon (Ally): Genbu Shuriken

Series (Ally): Aura Battler Dunbine
Weapon (Ally): Aura Slash
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Title Information
Title: Super Robot Wars X
Platform: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita
Genre: Simulation RPG
Release Date: 26th April 2018
No. of Players: 1

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