Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match | First Impressions

Based off the popular anime and game franchise Girls und Panzer, Dream Tank Match is a game that is what you would expect - tank on tank action. Unlike other typical games that features tanks, Dream Tank Match pairs big and devastating war machines with cute anime girls. Let's find out whether this odd combination works well.


In Dream Tank Match, players can experience iconic parts of game's adaptation through the Story Mode. Complete with VN heavy visuals and Japanese voiceovers, the story is conveyed as well as it can be. It also has players experiencing the various perspectives of all characters in different scenes, allowing for peeks at interactions between characters that are not shown elsewhere.

Additionally, completing each chapter provides the players with additional tanks, further incentivizing the completion of the story mode.

Once you are done with the Story Mode, Domination Mode would be a good next step. It is mainly made up of tournament-based matches between each tank schools that are vying for the top prize. If you are looking to just participate in battles, the game has Free Match and Online Match modes which features matches against AIs or other players. And of course, you will be able to bring in your own customized tanks and crew, with each crew member affecting the vehicle differently.


As the controller vibrates to signify the firing up of the tank's engine, the objective is simple - eat or get eaten. Dream Tank Match gives players an auto lock-on system which aids in the aiming, allowing the player to fire while on the move and even while drifting (yes, tanks can drift ridiculously fast in this game). This can make for hilarious situations, where tiny tanks can easily outmaneuver huge and bulky tanks.

Who Should Get It?

From the title alone, it is obvious that gamers who enjoy tank combat with a dash of cute girls would definitely enjoy this game. Being a fan of the film or game franchise would also be the icing on the cake. If you fall into any of these categories, do check out the game as it may be worth your time.

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