Far Cry 5 Review | Why It Is Still Enjoyable Despite Its Story

Like every Far Cry game, the fifth installment is no different as it comes with its own insane antagonist. In this game, you will be introduced to Joseph Seed - a cult leader cum pathological liar. He can be seen as an extremely lucky person, with events unfolding out in his favor at the start of the game.

Project at Eden's Gate, the cult that Joseph nurtured, are the center of attention of the protagonist and are also the bane to the existence of the locals. When it comes to the storyline, there are critics who are not as satisfied with it. Complains of bland characters and uncompelling motivations aside, the story is still decent enough to give a reason for players to go to town on all those religious fanatics (which the folks call peggies).

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Using Ubisoft's very own Dunia Engine, the game definitely produces atmospheric settings that are amazing to look at. With foggy yet captivating landscapes and wildlife roaming around for players to admire, the developers brought the world of Montana to life.

Not to mention, Far Cry 5 scales pretty well with high-end systems with CPUs that have 4 or more cores. It should be said that the game is CPU intensive and a mid-range GPU is more than sufficient when playing in 1080p at the highest settings.

Not everything is great in the town, with death scattered around for show. Blood stains and bullet holes littered around and in homes, with dead bodies scattered around with little regard for the dead. The game is able to capture the utterly dreadful aftermath the locals went through with once Project at Eden's Gate went bonkers.

Open World

It will not be a Ubisoft game without there being tons of random things to do. You cannot walk for 5 minutes without being dragged into random missions and side quests. But at least each mission grants players rewards like newer vehicles or customization options.

To prevent players from aimlessly wandering around, a direction has been given from the start - build the resistance. Players can target specific buildings and outposts, or rescue locals to reduce the influence that the peggies have in the town.

Shit Happens

Partners in crime are a great fun to have, like in real life. It is implemented onto the game through the Roster Menu. You can unlock partners such as animals from cougars to bears, or guns for hire that specializes in stealth or just straight up explosions. Each also have a certain sense of progression where special abilities are unlocked, after they have killed a certain number of enemies, and with a story mission associated to each of the specialists.

If you fancy the open world-ness that Ubisoft games are well known for, definitely check out Far Cry 5. It is broad enough for various playstyles like stealth or going guns blazing like starting a forest fire. There will surely be funny moments with the AI acting odd at times, but it just adds character to the world of Montana and makes the game hard to put down.

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