LG continues to up their premium speakers game - InnoFest Asia 2018

LG recently showcased their latest lineup of home entertainment audio systems in InnoFest Asia 2018. From improved soundbars to their brand-new smart speaker, boy did LG not disappoint.


LG's new SK10Y soundbar, powered by Dolby Atmos, is capable of outputting 550W of audio through 5.1.2 channels. This results in being able to simulate multidimensional sound from a single spot in your living room. Together with Meridian Audio, LG also managed to include a Height Elevation technology which promises to "raise sound" to eye-level, allowing for clearer vocals and high quality lossless playback.

LG ThinQ Speaker

What stole the show was LG and Google's baby - the LG ThinQ Speaker (WK7). LG's first premium speaker with Google Assistant integrated. The ThinQ Speaker gave the Google Home Max vibes, but looks way sexier. Not only do owners get the capability and convenience of Google Assistant, with control over LG's own smart products, they are also able to enjoy Hi-Res audio to boot.


Together with their PK portable speaker series, and their CK99 and OK99 party speakers, LG definitely covers a wide spectrum of audio entertainment for consumers.


You can read the full press release below.

Diverse Range of Audio Products Not Only Deliver 
Great Sound but Advanced Intelligence as Well

SEOUL, April 24, 2018 — LG Electronics (LG) at InnoFest 2018 Asia is showcasing superior, clearer and smarter lineup of premium audio products that promises to change the way people think about home speakers. New for 2018 is Meridian Audio’s advanced high performance audio technology to deliver more natural and warm sound. From immersive Dolby Atmos® soundbars to portable Bluetooth speakers and its latest artificial intelligence (AI) speaker , LG has something for every music and movie lover.

Sound All Around and Above 
LG’s new SK10Y soundbar delivers 550W of powerful output and supports 5.1.2 channels by harnessing the power of Dolby Atmos technology. A unique aspect of the technology is that unique “sound objects” can be precisely placed anywhere in a three-dimensional space for an immersive sound from all directions, including the ceiling, which enhances realism and the effect of being in the middle of the action. To create such powerful, textured sound, the SK10Y is equipped with multiple speakers – including a pair of powerful up-firing speakers – to envelop the listener from every angle. Users can adjust the volume of the upfiring speakers to optimize the sound with the height of the ceiling in room. 

LG’s partnership with Meridian Audio benefitted the SK10Y speaker with innovative audio enhancements designed to deliver an unsurpassed listening experience. As a pioneer of high-performance, high-fidelity audio and an authority on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and the field of psychoacoustics, Meridian equipped the SK10Y with a high level of performance including its Bass and Space technology to envelop listeners in rich, uncompromising sound. No matter where the listener is seated, sounds seem warmer and immersive. Meridian’s Height Elevation technology raises sound above the sound bar to the level of the screen, bringing extra clarity to speech and music. What’s more, the LG SK10Y is compatible with high-quality lossless audio files to perfectly recreate sound recorded in the studio. In addition to playback of up to 40kHz, the speaker also offers a sound upconverting feature that boosts the quality of standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz to enhance subtle details and nuances of each track. 

From a design perspective, the SK10Y is a head turner with its harmonious, modern-looking edges and a slim profile that seamlessly fits underneath many of LG 2018 OLED or SUPER UHD TV models. The device is also extremely accessible, with full connectivity to hubs, speakers and other smart devices supporting Chromecast. Simply say “OK Google” and your request to begin playing your favorite song, podcast or audio clip from your favorite online streaming service. 

Portable Speakers for Any Occasion
LG’s portable PK series speaker delivers powerful sound and mood lighting features in a fun, convenient package that can be taken anywhere. With Meridian Audio’s advanced technologies, the PK speakers are capable of delivering powerful and undistorted bass as well as optimizing speech and vocals. These speakers are compatible with the Apt-X HD Bluetooth standard for streaming 24-bit music over a wireless connection for listening experience that comes close to the original. For an added visual flair, Dynamic Party Lighting flashes to the beat and all three PK models feature rugged designs and convenient grips for easy handling.

Speakers for Getting the Party Started
For all party lovers, LG has several speakers that combine powerful audio capabilities. These all-in-one party machines offer a variety of features designed to get everyone on the dance floor moving, such as powerful variety of DJ capabilities, karaoke modes and lights. LG party speaker CK99 can deliver up to 5,000 watts of pure audio output, with its Shiny Mica-covered X-Shiny Woofer creating less sound loss and more power. The Blast Horn allows the sound pressure to be both heard and felt, while the Compression Horn, uniquely designed to improve the directionality of sound and sound pressure, generates crisper sound at higher frequencies while all-in-one party OK99 offers output of 1,800 watts with its Grab & Move handle and casters, revelers can take the OK99 wherever they want to party. 
LG’s newest party speakers feature durable form factors, easy-to-use interfaces and many connectivity options to download or stream an unlimited number of dance tracks. 

Premium Sounding Speaker with Google Assistant 
LG introduces its first premium smart AI audio product, the LG ThinQ Speaker (WK7) *, which not only produces high-quality sound but comes with Google Assistant built in. LG teamed up with Google to ensure that the LG ThinQ Speaker delivers all the conveniences which comes with having a digital assistant at your side. And LG ThinQ Speaker isn’t only a smart companion, it is also a personalized voice-activated interface for LG’s smart home appliances. For example, the LG ThinQ Speaker can be set to turn on an LG appliance with the simple spoken command, “OK Google, Talk to LG, Turn on the air purifier.” Best of all, the speaker makes no comprises on sound thanks to Meridian Audio technology. LG ThinQ Speaker’s High Resolution Audio is compatible with high quality lossless files, giving it the ability to faithfully recreate sounds that were originally recorded in the studio.

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