Review: Samsung Vibrant UHD Curved Display That Captures The Next Level Of Viewing Experience

Singapore, 16 April 2014 - Today, Samsung launched the new UHD Curved TV. First showcased in CES 2014, Samsung now brings the new generation of TV experience to our homes and offices.

Curved display is not a novel idea. The curvature enables a wider picture that caters to our field of vision and a more uniform viewing picture. However, what make Samsung TV special are the Auto Depth Enhancer and other unique features.

By analyzing and separating the picture into front area, background area and background field, the smart TV applies differential contrast enhancement to produce a greater feel of depth, and even slightly 3D.

The curvature is set at 4200R, which is optimized for living room viewing. That means, in a normal setting, with viewing distance of 3-4 m, the curvature fits our field of vision.

If one curved display is already so attractive, try FIVE. With Transformers 4 Age of Extinction trailer set on 5 TVs, timed to perfection, one could not help but be amazed with the quality of the images.

As a flat display is set right underneath a curved TV, the difference in the viewing experience is stark.

Ever had the problem of having to go to the toilet during a soccer match and not wanting to miss a scene of the game? Try syncing the TV with your smart phone. The adrenaline pumping action will not leave your sight.

Soccer Mode specially enhances the display for the games, giving you the 'live' stadium feel.

Smart control allows you to control the cursor at your finger tip. As it is connected by Bluetooth, you can use it even when you are not facing the screen. Finger gesture provides a variation to shortcuts too.

One Connect Box makes the TV future ready. Consumers can get the latest updates and the newest Samsung Evolution Kit. Coming soon!

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